The Feminist Library On Wheels (F.L.O.W.) is a node of the Women’s Center for Creative Work in Los Angeles, CA. A multimedia collection of feminist texts, artifacts and ephemera will be made available to as diverse an audience Los Angeles as possible, by bicycle.  
We promote a feminist approach in three ways: through the riders who participate; the character and range of the collection; and the use of a bicycle. Our hope is to spark inspiration to create change through the process of reading and gathering together in community. Los Angeles is a fantastically diverse and exciting place to be, with a growing population of cyclists of all kinds, and the city has a proud history of supporting feminist work. The world we live in is ready for a healthy chorus of vibrant feminist voices, bringing knowledge to the people one pedal at a time!
The time is now. As bell hooks writes in Feminism is For Everybody: “Imagine a mass-based feminist movement where folks go door to door passing out literature, taking the time (as do religious groups) to explain to people what feminism is all about… . Most people have no understanding of the myriad ways feminism has positively changed all our lives. Sharing feminist thought and practice sustains feminist movement. Feminist knowledge is for everybody.”