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"I swear, this isn't what it looks like."

Fenris looks at Hawke, where she kneels in front of his door, lockpicks in hand. 

"So you aren’t trying to break into my home," he says evenly, shifting the sack of potatoes he holds. He does not cook, generally, but one of the Fog Warriors showed him how to make a soup with nothing more than potatoes, water, and carrots. There are worse things in this world. 

"Okay, yes, so it is that," Hawke says, and she twists one of the picks again and the door clicks. He will need a better lock, if it is so easily picked. "But it’s not why you think."

"I think you’re invading my privacy."

She wrinkles her nose, and now he notices the small sacks at her feet. “Believe me, I meant to be in and out, but Mother found out about how you’ve been living…”

He frowns again. He’s met Hawke’s mother, once, briefly, when Hawke was bringing home an exhausted and bloody Bethany. The lecture had been terrifying. Fenris had never been scolded for recklessnss while being served bread and stew. 

"So your mother put you up to sneaking into my home." He finds that he’s more annoyed than he’d think. He knows no one much cares for his "borrowed" home, but it’s his. 

"Of course not." Hawke slides a hand through her dark hair and suddenly the lockpicks are gone. He will never understand how Isabela and Hawke can do that. Varric keeps his picks in his pockets like a sensible man. "She thinks I have a key, and that you’ve noticed."

He frowns again. “Noticed what.”

Hawke lifts one satchel, and he sees the loaves of bread inside. “Did you really think that your food was staying fresh?” 

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Sometimes I wonder if Amber is aware of how much she probably irritates SM by being herself. Even if not everyone loves her, most people are fairly fond of her, and she has a strong backing of famous people. Massive scandal aside, Amber could probably more or less do whatever she wanted, and SM would have to support her. (Anon)

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Even though Victoria is sometimes tired or having a bad day, she always has a smile on her face no matter what. She doesn’t want anyone, especially her members, to worry so she covers it up. Sometimes I really want to give Victoria i big fat hug. We all know she feels lonely in Korea, and even in SMTown encore she looks so lost and usually walks around herself. Please, take care of yourself VIc. If no your members, you still have Kyu, Changmin and all of Super Junior. Are you happy Vic? :( (Anon)

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I think that Krystal will stay with SM for a long time - they made her a star, and she said herself that the life of an idol found her, not otherwise and that she loves her job and wants to pursue her career in the future. Krystal, saranghae <3 (Anon)

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Among many other things that hinder female idols from getting the respect and recognition they deserve, nothing is scarier and easier to ruin someone’s career and reputation forever than a string of scandals.

What are you seeing? Above are real netizen comments for female idols whose careers are “tainted” because they decided to date, take a photo with a male celebrity, and showed their limit of what they can take. Some of these idol’s images are ruined solely on malicious and at times, baseless rumors like plastic surgery, pregnancy and bullying. These comments range from disbandment threats, sexual harrassment, and overall, just straight up misogyny.

Why should we care? The damaging effects of these comments can greatly affect an idol’s perception of themselves in a negative and unhealthy way. This can affect their performances and variety show appearances, their openness to share things to their fans, etc. They may come to realize that there’s no use of being an idol and quit, or even worse, quit living altogether.

What can we do? Supporting female idols is important. This means giving moral support to them not only during scandals, but during promotions and hiatus, giving financial support by buying their albums, and to not spread malicious rumors around, even if it’s someone we don’t necessarily fancy. Why?

Because female idols are also ladies, just like most of us are. What they feel, we probably feel on a daily basis. Rather than sending hate to them, we should come to understand, sympathize and be there for them because no one else will.