Faking It Resources: Masterlist

Welcome back, Faking It fandom! As of tonight, the show has officially returned from hiatus!

There are many returning fans as well as new fans who are browsing the faking it/karmy tag right now, so I have compiled a list for you guys of everything Faking It related. 

Must follow blogs:

  1. thekarmyarmy - posts everything faking it related and has wonderful resources for people in the fandom.
  2. major-cosmic-shift - posts a lot of original and insightful content.
  3. dangerdonut - original content with funny edits and recaps.
  4. fakingitfanfiction - giant hub of submitted fanfiction.
  5. fakingitfeels - a fanfiction blog with a great writer.
  6. craylittleliars - hilarious posts and (upcoming) recaps.
  7. hashtagpll - funny edits and recaps.
  8. mtv-fakingit - high quality stills of the show.
  9. mtvfakingit - the official tumblr of MTV’s faking it.

Other faking it blogs to follow: volkotp, karmykills, f-lavours, okkarmy, areyoufakingit, carma-ashkroft, karmyes, hornyparrott, damnthesekarmyfeels, fakingkarmy, me-loves-karmy, fakingitmtv, karmasa-bitch, armyofkarmy, ritadorkable, ifuseekarmy, thekarmylife, alwayskarmy, volkevensstuff, itsinstantkarma, amyraudenfeldfashion, karmyit, hestershigh, ritavolkdaily, karmaisnotfakingit, karmyhq, ritavolk-katiestevens-news, heyasscroft, woahkarmy, woah-sour-dough14, karmysupportgroup, ohmyritavolk, fakingitfangirl, deathbykarmy, karmykills, amyraudenfelt, larsy48, k-a-r-m-y-forever, queenoffakingit, fakingg-it, officialmtvfakingit, all-aboard-the-ss-karmy, hesterhigh, fakingitforlife, karmy-isnt-fakingit 

Best Fanfiction Series: (chosen by voting):

  1. Daydreaming at it’s Finest (Volkevens) by chill-out-dudeThe first and longest volkevens fanfiction.
  2. Because I Can’t by chill-out-dude - Karma and Amy are in the army AU
  3. Out in Arizona by mcwithaminthetardis - One of the longest karmy fanfictions. Karma convinces Amy to join her in Sedona for a week with Liam’s family. But when Amy starts cozying up to Liam’s attractive older sister, Clara, Karma has a hard time dealing with her unexpected jealousy.
  4. Give Me Love by heyasscroftCollege roommates AU where Karma is not entirely fond of lesbians and Amy is unfortunately her roommate.
  5. She’s Got A Boyfriend Anyway by captainclarkes -  College AU. Liam and Amy have been friends since childhood. Karma and Amy first meet at college. Liam just met the girl of his dreams, it just so happens that she’s also the girl of Amy’s dreams.
  6. It’s Only Camping by unluckyineverything - Karma and Amy go camping with Shane and Liam.
  7. Then… What am I? by jaysmitherz327 - Werewolf AU.
  8. After Class by flippingontheclosetlight - AU where Karma is Amy’s teacher.
  9. I’m All At Sea by mcwithaminthetardis - Deadliest Catch AU where Karma is a greenhorn and Amy has to help her learn the ropes.
  10. Experimentation by dangerdonutCollege roommates AU where Karma and Amy didn’t fake it in high school, but Karma wants to go through her “college experimentation” phase.

Fanfiction Honorable Mentions:

Back To GoodLet Your Bones ShowThursday Night LightsEnd Up HereRoomiesThe Impossible DreamOne Sided Love AffairShades of CoolReversalArrogant Meets IntelligentA Letter From A Not So StrangerAs Time Passes ByCloud My MindShe Keeps Me Warm (Volkevens), Life Imitating Art (Volkevens), After All These YearsIt Took ThisYou Gotta Go There To Come BackThe Morning AfterRunaway

Choice Oneshots: (chosen by most notes on the fakingitfanfiction page/author’s choices):

  1. Where the Lines Overlap - Caught up in the whirlwind of their newfound popularity and the pressures it brings, Amy struggles to keep her feelings for Karma in check. When they’re invited to Shane’s costume party as the guests of honour, what’s real and what’s fake between them gets even harder to define.
  2. Seven Minutes of Amy Raudenfeld - AU where Karma and Amy don’t know each other. Karma realizes that being forced into a room to play seven minutes in heaven with a certain Amy Raudenfeld isn’t how she expected the night to go.
  3. Not In That Way - Karma gradually realizes her felings for Amy after the confession.
  4. Butterflies - Karma realizes she’s falling for Amy.
  5. The Most Amazing Night - Karma and Amy’s first time.
  6. Mine - Jealous Karma.
  7. And I Love her - Amy gets forced into Online Dating, but things get complicated when she finds out that Karma is actually her secret admirer.


  1. Episode 1x01: dangerdonut, essentialorphan
  2. Episode 1x02: dangerdonut, essentialorphan, hesterhigh, hashtagpll
  3. Episode 1x03: dangerdonut, essentialorphan, hesterhigh, hashtagpll
  4. Episode 1x04: dangerdonut, essentialorphan, hesterhigh, hashtagpll
  5. Episode 1x05: dangerdonut, essentialorphan, hesterhigh, hashtagpll
  6. Episode 1x06: dangerdonut, essentialorphan, hashtagpll
  7. Episode 1x07: dangerdonut, essentialorphan
  8. Episode 1x08: dangerdonut
  9. Season 1 Recap: dangerdonut
  10. S2 Promo Recap: dangerdonut, craylittleliars
  11. Paleyfest Recap: dangerdonut
  12. Episode 2x01 (Part 1): dangerdonut, craylittleliars

Cast/Writers social media:

  1. Katie Stevens [Karma] (Twitter) (Instagram)
  2. Rita Volk [Amy] (Twitter)
  3. Gregg Sulkin [Liam] (Twitter) (Instagram)
  4. Bailey Buntain [Lauren] (Twitter)
  5. Michael Willett [Shane] (Twitter) (Instagram)
  6. Carter Covington [Writer/Showrunner] (Twitter)


If you’re a new fan unsure of how to be a part of the fandom, here is how to be more active in our little community:

1) Make gifsets, fanart, fanfiction, recaps, anything! Anything that is yours and original is appreciated. Make sure to tag everything Karma+Amy related under the karmy tag.

2) Like, reblog, and comment. If making stuff isn’t your thing, that is okay. We need people who appreciate what the fandom makes as much as we need people who make stuff for the fandom. 

3) Message people in the fandom to make new friends. Anyone posting under the karmy tag is likely in the fandom. My favorite part about this community is how nice everybody is. This one of the nicest, most respectful fandoms I have ever seen on Tumblr and all of us are always open to making new friends!

Thanks to everyone who helped me assemble this list! I’ll keep this list updated as the show goes on and add a link to it in my navigation.