Chensoo’s aggressive hugging/balloon popping..

And I will pretend that Jongin is not beside them reeking of jealousy…


incheon airport - 150418
jjong / minho duke it out.
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Undeniable Truths of KPOP

1. That one hairstyle SUCKED

2. No one is good at gwiomi

3. That one time, on that one show, they were SO embarrassing

4. No one normal can move that fast

5. They need sleep

6. These weirdos are expensive to love

7. Prettier than me

8. They’re gluttons, but it’s cute

9. Making ugly faces = extra love

10. SHINee’s pretty great


“Hey Y/N whats wrong?” A hand landed on your back to console your crying

“Nothing” You sniffled looking up at the tall man crouching next to you

“It doesnt seem like nothing” He raised his eyebrows

“I’d just rather not talk about it” You wiped at your eyes with the heal of your hand

“Okay then” Sam pursed his lips together in thought “knock knock

“Whose their?” you looked at him questioningly

“Owl” He grinned

“Owl who?” You were skeptic of his answer

“Andddddd ooowwwwwlllllll always love youuuuuuu!” He sang completely off key but you couldnt help but smile “oh look she smiles”

“That was…interesting” You tried not to smile.

“Watch it or im gonna have to get the reinforcements” He wiggled his fingers

“You wouldnt dare” You winded your eyes

“ I would” He smiled a mischievous smile down at you “if this next one doesnt cheer you up then i’ll be forces to!”

“Fine fine” You rolled your eyes. Sam grabbed his phone and scrolled through it then set it down

“Im probably going to regret this but” He pressed play and one of your favorite sings started to play

“I stay out to late” Sam lip synced “got nuthin in my brain” He pointed to his head “thats what people say-ay mmm-mmm thats what people say-at mmm-mmm.” Sam continued to move his hips and do weird dance moves you had no idea existed. You covered your mouth trying not to laugh but you couldnt help it was just to funny.

“Come on!” He held his hand out “dance with me!”

Nah im good just watching you” You grinned.

“Youre missing out” He winked

“Im not sure I am” You laughed

“Was that a laugh?” You tried to glare at him but you just couldnt “okay fine” Sam grabbed your hand and pulled you up.

“Feel better?” He asked

“Maybe a little” You stood on your tiptoes and gave Sam a kiss on the cheek “thanks”

“Anytime” He smiled down at you as you continued to dance.

the way i see it, alfred’s hero complex makes him susceptible to the usual ‘the ends justify the means’ mentality. it’s warped. intellectually, of course he knows it- he’s calculating, sharp and manipulative. he dirties his hands in the shadows, but all the same, refuses to admit that he is probably more the winter soldier than captain america. he’s lex luthor, but thinks he’s clark kent.