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Eurofurence 18. Because the world needs more dancing furries.

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Cutest shit ever.

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Tears of the Forgotten - a short film by EZwolf (by EZ Wolf)

Emerald has a small role in this short film, so I wanted to share it :)

Remember to watch “Behind the Scenes” too!

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Merry XXXmas from Room 366!

Song lyrics:

Santa baby

slip a fursuit under the tree

for me

i’ve been an awful good girl

santa baby

and hurry down the chimney tonight

Santa baby 

a scribble fox will perfectly do

light blue

I’ll wait up for you dear

santa baby

and hurry down the chimney tonight

think of all the fun I missed

think of all the fella’s I haven’t kissed

next year I could be as good

if you check off my Chirstmas list

Santa cutie

there’s one more thing I really do wish

a leash

to match that pretty collar of mine

santa cutie

and hurry down the chimney tonight

Santa baby

forgot to mention one little thing

a ring

and I don’t mean on the phone

so hurry down the chimney tonight

ooooooh ooooh ooooh.

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Merry XXXmas from Room 366

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Ezwolf - “Come Find Me”

(4:20) dat piano

North-American webstore of EZcooldown: Cooling vests and other cooling solutions for fursuiters and costume performers

Just came across this on FurAffinity. Ezwolf is now selling cooling vests and collars for fursuiters and costume performers. I can definitely see how this would be really helpful for furries who want to be able to spend more time in their suits or who may have to take frequent breaks due to overheating. The vest and collar combination may be a bit expensive for some people, but it definitely looks like something that is worth saving up your money for!