“Hey,” Ella said as she walked into Aria’s bedroom. “Are you okay?”
Without even looking up from the open shoebox that was resting on her lap Aria nodded her head slightly, “Yeah,” she replied. “I’m okay.”
Ella sighed, the last time she’d seen Aria looking through this box was when she had been banned from seeing Ezra. Ella knew it was full of mementos of their relationship, ticket stubs, a beer coaster and various other things that to anyone else probably looked like junk but for Aria they reminded her of a special moment in her life.
“Are you sure?” Ella asked cautiously as she sat down on the bed. “Because earlier you couldn’t wait to get out of The Brew.”
Aria lifted a hand up to her face and wiped away a few stray tears, “I think Ezra and I broke up,” she replied sadly.
“You think you broke up? Ella asked.
Aria nodded and for the first time since her mother had entered her bedroom she lifted her head up to look at her. “He said he didn’t want to ruin my college experience.”
“And why would he think he’d ruin it for you?” Ella asked.
Aria wiped a few more tears from her cheeks, “Because he thinks being in a relationship with him will hold me back, that it will prevent me from experiencing the things I’m supposed to.”
“Like what?” Ella asked. “Frat parties and random hookups?”
Aria shrugged.
“That wasn’t my college experience.” Ella continued.
Aria let a small smile grace her lips, “Because you met dad your second week there,” she replied.
Ella nodded, “I did,” she said as she grabbed hold of one of Aria’s hands, “And my college experience was falling in love with the man who would be the father to my two amazing children.”
Aria smiled again.
“Everyone has a different experience Aria, just because one person said hers was filled with parties, booze and guys doesn’t mean yours has to be.” Ella told her daughter.
“Thanks mom,” Aria replied.
She leaned over and wrapped her arms tightly around Ella’s neck.

Forty Minutes Later - The Brew.

“Come in,” Ezra shouted as he heard the light tapping on there door to his new office. He assumed it would be Talia saying she was leaving for the night so he was pleasantly surprised when he looked up from the stack of paperwork to see Aria standing there.
It had been a week since she had told him the real reason that she had been accepted to Talmadge.
One whole week since Aria had tried to reassure him that she hadn’t meant anything that she’d written in the letter.
One whole week since he had told her that she was right and that he wouldn’t ruin her college experience for her.
“Aria,” he stuttered pushing the paperwork to one side. “What’re you doing here?”
Aria took a tentative step towards the desk, “I’ve been doing some thinking,” she replied. “And you’re wrong.”
“I am?” Ezra asked as he stood up.
Aria nodded and took another step towards him, “You won’t ruin my college experience at all Ezra you’ll enrich it. I want to be able to come home to you and tell you about my day. I want to be able to complain to you when a professor gives me a really hard essay and have you remind me that teaching isn’t easy and to go easy on them. I want us to get our first apartment together. I want to experience the rest of my firsts with you Ezra. You won’t ruin anything, you’ll only make it better.”
Aria took one last step towards Ezra, so she was now standing right in front of him.
“I can’t imagine experiencing any of this without you,” she said standing on her tiptoes she brushed her lips against his slightly.
Ezra smiled, “I want to experience the rest of my firsts with you too.”
They both leaned in for a passionate kiss.

Watching the new promo makes me feel so happy and sad at the same time; Ezra just seems so happy because of Aria and I love him being the cutest and nicest boyfriend but I cant handle the fact that he’ll be so heartbroken when he notices the real reason why Aria got into college. Im so sad because my ship probably will be in trouble and If Ezra is heartbroken, Im heartbroken ):
Pretty Little Liars Theory

Guys, but what if the text Aria got from “H” was actually Hanna, not Holbrook? And coincidentally Jason, the guy that Hanna just saw with her mom shows up with cancelled plans? What if it was a set up for Aria to grow more suspicious of Holbrook and keep the suspicion away from her? Hanna could have easily gotten her mom’s phone and made plans with Jason, only to cancel just when he meets Aria? I have a very strong feeling that Hana is A! Also think that Aria and Hanna may be working together


1.Shanna and Maya are sisters….and maya is alive….remember the fire when toby saw someone..well that was maya 

2.well in 2x21 there is a  lot of new ppl first is Colin he is a frend of melissa’s and he will reveal a couple of secrets then is Clar she is fashion coordinator who will propose the liars the join in her show last is Rebecka she is lawyer and she is connected somehow with the girls 

3.so toby will propose spencer and she will say no and they will break up and then spencer will be into the new guy but he will be gay :DDD

4.there will be a flashback with ezrа from his childhood

5.jena set on fire toby’s house 

6.jena was with emily’s mask in season 4 

7.sisi was in the car who broke emily’s house

 8.its possible toby’s mom and mrs dilorentis to be sisters 

9.ashley was the third read coat 

10.ali will try to kiss caleb (BITCH)

11.Emily will start like the  new girl and they may start dating

12.In the end of season 5 someone (probably aria) will see the face of A and will say ‘i can belive that you are A’ and wont tell anyone

13.its possible someone visit raveswood

14.Holbruck and alison know each other from a longtime and also work togeter before she disappear 

15.ali keep more secrets from the night she desapierd 

16.the hole story with Cyrus is not true its just one big ali’s lie

17.melisssa was pregnant from ren not jason

18.ashley knowed that ali was alive before the girls

19.sisi have a twin 

20.we will see the new A’s den

so guys thats all i think that i will post new spoilers every Sunday so follow me for more !!!!