Another PLL Theory!

So I was thinking.. It’s so weird that all couples have there beautiful moments except Ezria! We never really get to see some really happy moments. All the time they are struggling with things. :/

So I was wondering if this is supposed to get the shippers of Ezria in the mood to forget about them, because Aria is going to turn out to be “A”. We all have seen various hints and proofs that she really could be and now this seriously seems like the producers try to get us thinking that Ezria won’t work out, because in the end there is NO end for Ezria. :’(

Please nooooot.. !!!


I know that this is random, but this is related to “Pretty Little Liars”.

So I was rewatching the scene where Mona’s killer puts the baby Jesus in the trunk with Mona’s dead body. But if you look closely, you can see the brim of something in both pictures. It is either…

The Frame of Someone’s Glasses - The only person who really wears glasses is Jenna so could it be possible that Jenna still has her vision? Or perhaps it is someone else with glasses.

Hair - If we go with saying that it is hsir, then you can clearly see that it is dark hair and not blonde hair like we saw her killer with before. Could it be Aria (going with the whole “Aria is A” theory?)

Cindy/Mindy - Going with the hair thing, I saw a theory on YouTube that I do not claim to own which states that these two girls could have killed Mona. Th thing is, they have straight hair. The hair here is CURLY.

If you have anything to add or want tl message me, please do. And if I am wrong at all, please correct me.