"But let it go, live your life and leave it
Then one day, you’ll wake up and she’ll be home”

Part of the lyrics to Ezria’s song from the day they met and I’m crying because it’s so relevant to their situation now. Ezra will let her go, but when the timing is finally right between them, she’ll be ready to come home (home meaning him).

The stages of your first otp

1. You start watching a new show

2.You think two characters look cute togheter

3.You’re starting to like them more in every episode

4.You feel mad when your half ship interacts with someone else

5.Now you feel like your ship is the most important thing on the show.

6. Now you make the mistake. You google their name togheter and realise it’s a “fandom”. On tumblr, twitter, youtube. And oh, they have a shipper name! Maybe I should create an account!

7. You make an account on tumblr/Twitter dedicated to your ship.

8.You’re starting to love them even more, and you also realise the people online is better than the people in your life.

9.Now it’s really painful. All you Can think about is your otp. You know their every conversation. You freak out when they just look at each other. You realise that your life is changing.

10.The final step. Now you spend your nights on Twitter/Tumblr, freaking out about your otp. You might have lost a friend and some sleep during this time, but it’s normal. You isolate yourself from reality. If you’re in School, your grades may drop a little bit. Little… lol liar