Why do the writers of PLL always fuck up Emily’s relationships??

  • First her relationship with Maya, it was so cute in the beginning, until they shipped her off for the most of season 1, when she finally came back their relation was even better and then she got killed. Like wtf I still get really sad about it. (i still believe she is alive tbh).
  • Then there was Paige, i still don’t understand how people ship paily. I mean Paige tried to drown her and later they end up dating?! Also she was really obsessed with Emily and it was kinda scary, i’m glad she moved to  California. But I’m afraid she will come back in season 6 :(
  • Emily’s relationship with Samara was good for a while, until they decided to let ”A” mess that up. After that she dissapeared. 
  • Suddenley there is this Talia girl who’s interessted in Emily, but she has a fucking husband !! She also dissapeared after like 3 episodes.
  • Finally there is Alison, I know there are a lot of people who say their relationship is toxic because Alison manipulates Emily too much, but the writers gave us so much false hope that they would end up as a couple.

Now one thing that really frustrates me is that everybody seems to accept the Ezria relationship. The dude stalked the girls for years, lied to Aria and their relationship is basically illigal. Oh and he also wrote that creepy book. Apparently everybody forgot about that book. And they think Emison is the toxic relationship?