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Which one stays up the latest?•Who is the one that tucks the kids in bed?•Which one gets up for a midnight snack?•Which one loves to give goodnight kisses?•Who grabs for the other's hand first?•Which one loves to watch old movies?

Aria stays up the latest. Ezra falls asleep early and Aria always teases him and calls him an old man. But if they’re watching a movie before bed, Aria always tends to fall asleep. She can’t stay awake during movies.

Ezra is the one that tucks the kids into bed. When Aria tries to tuck them in, they ask for Daddy, because he does better silly voices in his bedtime stories. Aria gets frustrated but ultimately agrees. 

Ezra gets up for a midnight slice of pie. Sometimes his daughter joins him. They don’t tell Mommy. 

Both Aria and Ezra have made an agreement not to go to bed without a goodnight kiss, regardless if they’re arguing or in a bad mood.

Aria grabs Ezra’s hand first. 

They both love to watch old movies, but sometimes they can’t agree. To this day, they continue to flip a coin when one of them wants to watch a movie that the other doesn’t like. They’ve even gotten their kids into old movies. When they brought Daisy to her first movie at the theater, she was confused why it was in color and not in black and white.