Out with the old,

And in with the new. Today I spent my day going to the dentist, buying food, picking up Melissa and Mia from school, finding sped up or slowed down songs on Youtube, reading for psychology, watching television, and redecorating my walls with photos and things. I have been meaning to get around to the last bit awhile ago, but school always seemed to get in the way. I was getting tired of seeing your stupid face(s) in the picture frames on my walls, because all they did was remind me of how terrible a friend(s) you were. Now I have new pictures, a sick collage of random things, and a movie ticket stub frame. It’s difficult throwing these photos away, but I know it is the only way to forget all of the drama and nonsense that has happened this past couple of years. Be prepared for a sick daily photo tomorrow! Oh snap no meat tomorrow it’s Ash Wednesday. :(

EYYYYO finally I can pick up where I left off last holiday (schools finished and now I get to get into my Nat-Off training again!!
Day : skipping ropes in garage
Since I have somewhat developed an anxiety for running outside (mainly due to my over consciousness to my body) I’ve found a way out! I’m currently skipping in the garage for fitness yay for my genius!:P
Anyways hope y’all doing well
—- pear xx