CLOSED. Clandestine Bathearts GIVE AWAY! (again)

Description:These bathearts are 4,7 cm, made of polymer clay, painted with opaque stain and glazed with diluted resin. In some cases, they contain glitter.

The “Batheart” is owned by Pete Wentz. However, all the designs are mine. 

For larger photos visit: http://eyranne.artworkfolio.com/gallery/589711


My last give away was the little Stump-o-matic, which already arrived to the winner! But I know some people wanted the bathearts so, here it is! :)

This time I will be giving away three custom bathearts of your choice. They can be anything you want (new design, one of these or whatever). Just remember I work with clay, so don’t ask me to make transparent stuff :c



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- The winner will be selected randomly, and I’ll need at least 1 week to get their bathearts ready.

Deadline: June 15th

I just want to take a moment and point out what utterly fantastic responses these are.

The reason why I get overly stressed out about conventions has little to do with sales. In short, I want to make everyone who stops by my booth happy. I want someone to see that *one* thing from their favourite fandom and go home ridiculously happy. Yes, I know it is physically impossible to have items from every major fandom at one AA table but, by God, I try.

I don’t make art for me–I enjoy the act of it, sure, but nothing beats watching someone get stupidly happy over something you made. I undersell and hand out freebies all the time just because I want everyone to go home with a little trinket to remember their con by.

So, why the focus on clay as opposed to illustrations? Small illustrations are faster and easier to reproduce than individual charms, but having something you can love and hold in 3 dimensions is a much different experience than loving sometime perpetually stuck in 2 dimensions. ^^;

But, if clay isn’t exciting me as much, maybe it’s time to do something for me. Maybe it’s time to take some fantastic advice, breathe, and doodle to my heart’s content! 

CLOSED-Clandestine Bathearts GIVE AWAY!

This batheart is completely handmade using polymer clay. After baking, the texture inside was carefully carved. It was painted using glitters gel and opaque stain, then it was glazed. It’s 4,5cm. Here you can see more of my work: http://eyranne.deviantart.com/


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I made this one a while ago and I’m giving it away to the winner also!

Merry Christmas and good luck!!!! :D


I’ll randomly pick a winner and post it tomorrow. The amount of times you reblogged will be the amount of times I include your name.

plushlikecreatures asked:

Hi! I have a question, but I don't know if it's going to be difficult to answer so if it is... Just forget it: Why do you cut? I mean... Does it make you feel better? How? I have to idea about it

It is difficult to answer but I will have a go.
I find it very hard to put into words my feelings about self-harming and I just want to say I hope I don’t offend anyone with my wording of this.

Why do I cut?
A lot of reasons really.
Okay, so there’s the ‘type’ of cutting which I am trying to stop doing at the moment.
For me, that is just cutting because I 'want’ to.
I hate not having any fresh marks. I hate it so much. It very rarely happens but I still hate it. I hate the feeling of touching my arm and not feeling any pain.
So I need to cut again so that there will be pain and when those cuts start to heal and they stop hurting to the touch I need to cut again to get that back again.
Make sense?
I also hate looking at my arm and not seeing marks. The scars aren’t enough I need to see actual red marks y'know?

And sometimes I just need the pain or the blood.
It might seem strange but watching blood well up and drip down my arm.. I find that calming.
Or the feeling of the cut.
I often don’t feel much pain when I cut so sometimes I just get the need to really feel it.
This is what was going on last night.
All of that. I wanted the pain, the blood and some new marks.

I’m trying to stop cutting for those reasons.

The reasons I’m 'allowing’ myself to cut are more.. emotional I guess.

I.. have anger issues of sorts.
I often wish to hurt other people. My parents mostly and my sister. Very very rarely people other than them.
I’ve come so damn close to stabbing my Father before, it was scary.

So when I get so upset or so angry that I feel like I can’t hold back and need to hurt them I take it out on myself.
I 'cause myself the pain that I want to 'cause them and I can imagine that it’s actually them because I can feel the pain you know? So I can imagine pretty clearly that it’s them going through the pain.
Afterwards I usually feel pretty drained and just want to go to sleep.

When I get angry or upset at myself for how I look, something I’ve done or a lot of the time I get angry at myself because of everything I can’t do.
I get so angry that I can’t just walk out the front door and go somewhere. I can’t even walk out into my garden alone. I find that to be so ridiculous and embarrassing and I get so damn mad that I need to 'punish’ myself (I don’t really mean punish but I can’t think how to word what I do mean. It’s pretty close anyway)
So I hurt myself.
Not always cutting but always pain.
Burning sometimes.
There are also a lot of ways to 'cause myself pain without leaving any marks. Or.. marks that fade like, within an hour or so.

Example: You know those elastic hair bands for tying your hair up? The ones with the little metal section in it? Put one of those round your wrist, pull the metal bit back as far as it stretches and let it go on your wrist. Over and over and over. Do it long enough it’ll end up cutting into you too.
I do that often.

There’s also those days when I feel practically dead. So numb that I don’t feel anything. I think I mentioned that before.
Those days when you can go through the day doing things but when you’re in bed that night you can’t remember an of it.
You know you watched TV or read a book but you can’t remember what happened in any of the shows or in the book.
You don’t feel hungry or .. I don’t really know how to explain other than You just don’t feel alive. You don’t feel real.

Start getting those days a lot and you start to get the need to feel something. The need to ground yourself.
Cutting does that. You can feel the pain. The pain is real. It helps.

It does make me feel better. For the most part.
Sometimes the anger and upset doesn’t go away, it just makes me feel so drained that it’s easier to ignore.
But I mean, it gets so bad that I’ll take whatever relief I can get.

I hope that answered your questions well enough. And helped you understand it, maybe, a bit better.
But, keep in mind this is all me. Just me. Not everyone does it for the same reasons or has the same feelings about it.

I don’t hate that I do it and I can’t imagine not doing it. I don’t make plans to stop completely because I can’t imagine living life without it.
Whereas some people hate that they do it. The regret it. Are embarrassed by it. ate themselves for doing it. They think themselves weak etc.

It’s not something I mind talking about. It’s just, like I said, I find it difficult to put my thoughts and feelings about it into words.
So I hope what I wrote here was at the very least, understandable x)


Why I don't sell Bathearts

It seems that more people are seeing my crafts lately, specially the bathearts (Thank you guys so much for the support!! C: ) and many of them are interested in buying them.

I don’t sell them because it’d be illegal. I know everyone sells fanart; actually I thought it was perfectly okay because of it, but with the boom of SOPA I read more about copyright and it’s not.

Big companies don’t mind about fantart being sold by small artists, I guess, but this is Pete Wentz we’re talking about and I don’t know, I’m loyal to him. He has been nice to me and I owe him a lot.

So yeah, that’s why! Recently someone asked if I’d do art trades for them and I would, for digital art. Like banners, buttons, backgrounds and icons for DeviantArt or Facebook or Twitter.

Again, thank you for your interest <3

Patrick used this guitar, with the “King Patrick” thing when he was on tour last year. He never said what it meant, but it looked so cool on his guitar!


Polymer clay, 9cm

I said I was making this guitar a while ago, but I hadn’t uploaded photos because the case wasn’t done. First time I make a case and I had to make it 3 times so it would look decent. But I’m not finished with it yet!