Ayyyyyy my band Eylia is playing our last show on Friday August 1st at Revival House in Rockford, IL! If you haven’t seen us before, NOW IS THE TIME TO SEE US. After this show, we’re going on a hiatus for awhile.

Also, our good friends in Breath of an Epoch are releasing their LP at this show, and our dudes in Roanoke are playing as well! It should super sick, so if you’re in the area or don’t mind the drive, come hang and have some fun!

eylia replied to your post: My mum told me that grapes can be fattening or any…

Maybe she meant some fruits and vegetables contain sugar, but it’s not a refined and is still ‘healthy’. Fruits and vegetables are the safest option, even if they’re still…not. Water weight is just a temporary sort. I know this doesn’t help x

Omg so confusing/paranoid now I know they have sugar and you’re supposed to have 3 servings a day which I try to refrain to, and vegetables you can have however amount… but seriously I have had slow weight gain recently and I’m just worried that I’m doing something wrong now and I’m scared too like wtf do I even eat to keep my weight I don’t know!

HELLO PEOPLE OF TUMBLR, my band Eylia is playing a show with TWO KNIGHTS! If you don’t know them, they’re a 2-piece emo/mathrock band from Denton, TX. I’ve loved these guys since I first heard their song “Poor Girl” about 2 years ago. They’re the best, and I’ve heard they’re some of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. I’m so thankful that I get the chance to play a show with them. 

Come out and have some fun if you’re in the Rockford, IL area! Support local music and be happy!