DIY Make your own eye shadow Primer

It super easy to do and you probably have these products laying around your house. I think this will be helpful to those who are just starting with makeup, or those who just ran out of eye shadow primer.

What you will need: Body Butter, Foundation, Creamy Concealer, a little container, a plastic fork you can you a Popsicle stick, and a tooth pick.

Products I used: Maybelline Dream Mousse foundation, Mary Kay Concealer, and Yes To carrots Body Butter

*The Body Butter thick texture is important if you use lotion the primer will be runny.

1. Start with little jar container, I use an eye cream container I had from Mary Kay but you can use any jar container. First thing you will use is foundation you can use any foundation you have; just make sure is a liquid or cream foundation. Just put a little bit into the container.

2. Next take your concealer put an equal amount of concealer into container; you want an equal parts of foundation, concealer and body butter.

3.  Next take your body butter use the end of your plastic fork and put body butter remember you want equal parts. 

4. Now take your tooth pick and mix it. (Mixing foundation and concealer  helps with the staying power)

5. Finish product.

It will not last as long as the higher end primer but it will last up to 8 hours or less. I don’t have oily eye lids I think is good for everyday because I don’t need my makeup to last 10 hours like with Urban Decay primer. Keep in mind it depends on your skin type how long it will last if you have oily skin it will probably wont last as long as someone with normal or dry skin. Let me know if you try out this DIY Primer hope it works for you guys.

anonymous asked:

how do you get your makeup to stay all day long? my eyeliner and eyeshadow always get clumped on my eyelid throughout the day and my face gets really greasy around my eyebrows

Eyeshadow primer. I put it on my eyebrows too! It’s like glue for eyeshdow basically lol