[Requested[ Sultry Look with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and Sweetheart Blushes

I got a request to do a sultrier look using the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette as most of the looks around were softer day looks.

It’s actually not hard to do stronger looks with this palette, even though the shades aren’t particularly dark. That’s because many of these shades are high-shine, dramatically metallic ones, which can really give a look plenty of drama without necessarily needing to be all dark and smoky. 

I used 4 shades marked out in the image above, and if you are not able to get hold of this palette, you just need to look out for similar shades. 

Products used: 

  • Base: Dior Nude liquid foundation 021
  • Concealer: MAC Studio Moisture Cover
  • Setting Powder: Guerlain Meteorites 03 Medium
  • Blush (base): Too Faced Sweetheart Blush in Peach Beach all over the cheeks and brow bones
  • Blush (pop): Too Faced Sweetheart blush in Something About Berry
  • Brows: Shu Uemura Hard Formula 9 in Grey
  • Eyeshadows: Too Faced chocolate Bar palette
  • Eyeliner: NYX Skinny Brown Liner
  • Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash mascara in Blackest Black
  • Lipstick: MAC Angel lipstick

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Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow Review and Swatches

Comex Platinum, Titanium, Comex Gold, Vintage Black Gold, Metallic Laurel and Metallic Cobalt.

See my thoughts on their pros and cons, as well as substitutes for that teeny tiny bottle of priming liquid when you run out! (And you probably will.)

What they are:

These are neither cream shadows nor loose pigments. They are very interesting and unique. These are intense metallic pigments suspended in a light fluid silicone/wax/crosspolymer base. It’s more like curdled milk than a cream shadow, because the dry pigments are not soluble in the silicone base.

The pigments and silicones both dissolve in the priming liquid thpugh, so they blend and smooth out once you mix all 3 things together.

Without getting too technical, I’ll just say they can be used on their own without the “primer”, but they can flake, look uneven, and won’t set and stay in place. With a tiny bit of the liquid primer, they smooth out like Chanel or Dior cream shadows, build up and apply more evenly, and last much better as well.

The Kit:

You get a little box including:

A pot of metallic pigments

A tiny dropper bottle of the confusingly-named “primer” liquid (it’s more a liquid sealant because you don’t use it to prime your lid)

A small flat metal pan for blending the 2 together


Definitely not recommended to wear the pigments on their own without the base because they can smear, flake and crease quickly. While the instructions are for you to add a drop of priming liquid to some shadow and blend on the metal pan, I find it hard to control the proportions and and leads to a lot of product wastage.

Tip: My preferred method is to dab a tiny bit of sealing liquid onto the center of your lid, then use a finger to apply pigment over, and blending right on the lid.

The Cons:

It takes some fiddling to know the right proportion of priming liquid to add to pigment. You might end up with sheerer application on one day, and more opaque application on another.

There is very LITTLE priming liquid (2ml to be exact) in the tiny eye dropper bottle. It’s only about half filled. Many people end up using too much the first couple of times they try it, and run out of the primer long before they run out of pigment. The liquid is not sold separately either, so you can’t buy more if you run out. Remember to use just the tiniest bit possible.

(If you’ve already run out, I have a tip at the bottom of the post!)

The Pros:

You get the option of going very sheer or wearing these at maximum intensity, and they’re much more dramatic and foiled-looking than all the other cream shadows on the market today.

There’s a very nice color-range, from pastels to metal tones like gold, silver, titanium, bronze, etc.

My final tip to get around the tiny dropper bottle of primer liquid? Try a makeup sealant like Ben Nye Liquiset, cake liner sealants from brands like Laura Mercier, or - if you’re very desperate, very careful and not very sensitive (these contain alcohol) - a tiny dab of Urban Decay or Skindinavia setting sprays.


Rainbow! My Makeupgeek Eyeshadow and Pigment Swatches and a Super-Quick Review

Ah…. what’s better than affordable, beautiful shadows?

I picked out 24 shades and 4 pigments from the Makeupgeek (MUG) line for review, and here they all are. You’ve already seen me use Latte shadow and Afterglow pigment in a red eyeliner look a while back.

But I figure I should swatch everything and let you see them before I forget. 

All swatches are done on bare skin, without primer, without wetting.

My verdict:

Love the pigments I got. Liquid Gold is just incredible, and I can just imagine Paparazzi applied wet as a thick sparkly liner. Both the soft champagne shades are beautiful as well, though one is sheer and sparkly, the other is satin.

Shadows-wise, I did find some of the matte and sparkly shade felt a little gritty when touched, and Stealth, Bitten and Latte were probably the patchiest of the shadows here. You have to make sure your lids are either completely dry, or else covered with an even layer of primer so that everything goes on evenly. And press/pack your matte shadows on. Don’t buff these.

The black shade, Corrupt, on the other hand, felt gritty and grainy, but it went on beautifully and was absolutely jet back even without a base. Worth getting out if you can’t seem to find a good black shadow.

As for the metallics, most of them are beautiful and smooth. My top picks are: Homecoming, Cosmopolitan, Nautica, Shimmermint, Pretentious, Twilight.

For those of you outside of the US, Makeupgeek.com ships internationall and prices start from US$6 for smaller orders. 


Tom Ford Golden Mink Eye Palette Pictorial (aka what to do with sparkle shades in eye palettes)

If you’ve ever tried or bought one of those palettes with some transparent sparkly shades, you’ll know they sometimes aren’t the most easy to work with. The glitter shades come in a transparent base, so when you apply them alone, there is almost no color. Just a scattering of sparkles.

Tom Ford’s Eyeshadow Palette 01 Golden Mink is one of those. 

Tip: You can wear the glitter shades on their own as a wash all over the lid, but my preferred way of wearing them is as accents, to create a gleaming, “wet” effect when you blink.

This is a warm-toned face I very often wear on work days and lazy days.

Products used:

  1. Base: MAC Face and Body foundation N2
  2. Concealer: Lancome Le Correcteur Pro concealer
  3. Setting powder: Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder
  4. Blush: Lancome Blush Subtil 030 Eclat de Corail
  5. Guerlain Ecrin Sourcil brow powder compact
  6. Eyeshadow palette: Tom Ford 01 Golden Mink
  7. Brown liner: NYX Skinny Brown Liner (I LOVE this thing. It’s such a bargain and such a great matte brown automatic pencil to draw flicks with because of the super-fine point. Highly-recommend!)
  8. Black mascara: Givenchy Phenomen’eyes mascara in 01 Black
  9. Lipgloss: Nars Deepthroat (I actually applied the gloss first)
  10. Lipstick: YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 14 Corail In Touch (I ran this lightly over the gloss for additional color but kept everything still translucent and jelly-like)