YAS I FINALLY MADE AN OFF RELATED MV! QwQ damnit flipnote 3D y u no released in europe >:V

And… What else can I say? XD 

Well I felt like doing a flipnote mainly about Eyeshadow. >w> 

As you can see I added Bad and Ghost Eyeshadow in the MV. ouo Like in Continue Stop Rise, they are some sort of consciences for Batter. Well except Ghost is more the conscience here whereas Bad is just the monster inside of him (and he can’t talk. He’s just an aligator XD). But I guess I’ll explain more later. ;v;

Also I still have no clue who got the idea to make Ghost Batter. So if anyone can tell me his creator that would be great. ;v;

And I added two Off o.cs I made: Thierry (the elsen with black scars) and Drabird (the weird bird with dragon wings) (they appear at the “don’t get too close” part). Maybe they’ll appear in the blog too. Well they’ve been a big help for fixing the zones. :3

And that’s all! I hope you guys like it! ^^

Hey there, Dollface! To continue with our #electricpalette series here is a look I put together.
Eyes - Naked 3 “Trick” and “Burnout” on the lid, Electric “Jilted” as a liner and “Urban” on the outer corners. Benefit They’re Real mascara, and ABH Brow Wiz in “Granite”
Face - @maccosmetics “Scene to be seen” blush - Surabhi

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The Signs as Makeup!

Aries: Thick Eyeliner

Taurus: Lipgloss or Lip Liner

Gemini: Colorful(blue, gold, yellow, etc) Lipstick

Cancer: Thin Eyeliner

Leo: Dark Eyebrow Pencil

Virgo: Blush

Libra: Nude Lipstick

Scorpio: Winged Eyeliner

Sagittarius: Bronzer or Mascara

Capricorn: Foundation

Aquarius: Bright Red Lipstick

Pisces: Eyeshadow