I have this weird complex where I wanna try everything on the menu as though I’ll never go back to that restaurant again. (Strange, I know. 😔) So not only did I want mac & cheese and sweet potato fries, I LOVE baked beans & had to get that too! I wanted to try their pulled pork but that was just too much food. But their baked beans are made with chunks of pulled pork! Win-win!!! #eyesbiggerthanmystomach #icouldjusteatbbqsidedishes #bakedbeans #pulledpork #kensingtongrill #newhudson #vscocam (at Kensington Grill)

I need to fast for a good 30 or 60 days!!! But I am so thankful for my blessings cause God knows I eat GOOD any day of the week! We went old school wit it today! #sizzler’s lol! Gotta make sure you add the S at the end lol! #MothersDayDinner shrimp, baked potato and endless salad bar. #togo cause I was full from the dang salad bar #eyesbiggerthanmystomach #storyofmylife