i bought “Seconds” last week and finished it this week- it’s so fucking good! I forgot how amazing bryan lee o’malley is at pacing/panelling- everything is just so easy and seemless to  read, but also really entertaining and meaty a sa story. the characters are fantastic.

this art seriously doesn’t do the characters justice :’( I acutlaly love all the characters, but these two had the most style~ :’D I could relate to Hazel the most haha! also, i drew picture frames cuz they seemed really significant to the comic’s undertone.

somebody talk about this comic with meeee


A Date in Amsterdam

I always wanted to illustrate Hazel and Gus’s dinner date, plus my degree in architecture is over and I now have too much free time on my hands, so not only did I do a triptych, but I also decided to animate them, cinemagraph-style. To see the still versions, go to my deviantart here.

P.S. This is my first time making gifs! 

P.P.S. I’m thinking of taking the plunge and putting my prints up on Society6 or something, so I wonder if anyone’s interested? Of course, I’ll probably have to build up a sizeable amount of art first.