5 Eyeliner Tips For Beginners

Ever struggled with eyeliner? You’re not alone. Getting a perfect line can be a tricky task, it’s either too thick, too thin, not black enough, not even enough or just a big old wobbly mess.

Eyeliner doesn’t have to be difficult, with a bit of practice and a few tips up your sleeve you can have everyone exclaiming to you: “your eyeliner is on point!“

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The Signs as Makeup!

Aries: Thick Eyeliner

Taurus: Lipgloss or Lip Liner

Gemini: Colorful(blue, gold, yellow, etc) Lipstick

Cancer: Thin Eyeliner

Leo: Dark Eyebrow Pencil

Virgo: Blush

Libra: Nude Lipstick

Scorpio: Winged Eyeliner

Sagittarius: Bronzer or Mascara

Capricorn: Foundation

Aquarius: Bright Red Lipstick

Pisces: Eyeshadow