allisunurgent asked:

How is Ray problematic? :)

1. used felicity to steal qc from oliver without her knowledge

2. pinged felicity’s cell phone to find out she was the hospital and then proceeded to go to the hospital to talk to her

3. sent her emails, flowers, chocolate oh and even bought the place that felicity worked at (which also happened in 50 shades) to get her to work for him even after she told no repeatedly 

4. used the gross ‘most girls would be flattered’ line

5. showed up at felicity’s apartment early in the morning and barged into her home without an invitation 

6. bribed/manipulated felicity with material items to get her to accompany him to the work dinner after she said no

7. pinged her cell phone AGAIN to find out that she was at verdant and went there again so that he could talk to her

8. emotionally manipulated felicity by using his sob story about his fiancee to get her on board with the whole atom thing

9. emotionally manipulated felicity in last week’s episode by telling her that he’s doing the atom thing ‘to protect her’ and taking advantage of her when he knows that she just lost someone a week ago who was more than a friend to her 

10. he has moisthands and needs to use gloves on the salmon ladder

11. he has bulging eyeballs