Thanks friends!!! Despite it looking like I took none of your advice about styling the dress, I’ve definitely taken note but had to cobble something together out of my limited closet, booo. It’s passable though, better than it’s ever looked!

I’m already nervous about the inevitable grossness but who cares my butt looks soooooooooo good, and I gave myself a matte black manicure so I can gouge some eyes out when necessary.

  1. Where the Lines Overlap
    ”no one is as lucky as us”
  2. Fences
    don’t you know by now? you can’t turn back, this road is all you’ll ever have
  3. Brick By Boring Brick
    keep your feet on the ground when your head’s in the clouds
  4. Careful
    it hurts, remembering how it felt to shut down
  5. The Only Exception
    up until now i had sworn to myself that i’m content with loneliness
  6. Misguided Ghosts
    we all learn to make mistakes and run from them
  7. Miracle
    it’s not faith if you’re using your eyes - we’ll get it right this time
  8. Looking Up
    i can’t believe we almost hung it up - we’re just getting started!
  9. Born For This
    everybody sing like it’s the last song you’ll ever sing
    tell me, tell me, can you feel the pressure now?
    everybody live like it’s the last day you will ever see
    tell me, tell me, can you feel the pressure?
    tell me, tell me, can you feel the pressure?

                                                                                 we were born for this

                                                   ♔  listen  ♔

“I hope today’s page isn’t super-gory,” I said to myself as I checked the Unsounded update, while also eating dinner.

“A few severed heads……..one with the eyes gouged out…………a guy impaled on a pike…………eh, not so bad!”

anonymous asked:

ooooh, for the gouged-out-eyes-take au thing, what if theres a transplant available, but it might not work and take would have to take medicine to make sure his body doesn't reject the new eyes. uta's all for it, ready to gather up money to go through with the procedure, but take's the one who's terrified; he doesn't want to regain his sight to lose it again. what if another ghoul comes along and plucks out his eyes and eats them in front of him. take can't stand it

(ahhh yesss right in the kokoro)

Take doesn’t show it outwardly, but Uta has learned to read the little signs; the chewing of his inner lip, a stiffened back, the slight tremble in his fingers. He sits down and holds his hand, and says “Don’t you want to see me again?”

And it’s really all Take needed to hear to make the decision.