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and omfg yessss it was goodoodododododood 

we had pics and autographs ugh it was so nice 


may look like just scribbles to you but omfg so pumped up still lol 

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My godson’s 1st birthday party today!!! You’re almost 1 and grew up way too fast. Watching your mom give birth to you was crazy. I love you can’t wait to see you in the suit I got for you. ;) #exv @_xxlauraaa @timothykala

If I go on
With you by my side
Can it be
The way it was
When we met
Did you forget all about those golden nights?

Maybe a thief stole your heart
Or maybe we just drifted apart

All of our plans have fallen through
Sometimes a dream, it don’t come true…

     An entire month spent in France, and already Isaac felt an undeterrable urge to check up on the people he’d left behind. Once the initial excitement of a foreign country wore off, and Chris Argent returned back home, he was left with little else to do but learn French and pointedly ignore how much he missed Beacon Hills — a fact he’d never anticipated. It didn’t take long for the boredom and lingering loneliness to settle beneath his skin; the teenager itched for more.

     Switching on his laptop was an idle task, Isaac noting that it would be very late at night back in California. He didn’t expect anyone to be online.

                 Perhaps that was why he was so surprised when he saw her name.


     Shifting uncomfortably in his desk chair, he took a moment to contemplate how to talk to Lydia Martin. Was he even allowed to talk to her? Well— she did give him her skype ID. Here goes nothing.


     Isaac Lahey is typing...

[8:01:22 AM] You’ve either accidentally left your computer on, or you’re not sleeping well.
[8:01:34 AM] I’m hoping it’s the former. 

VS Alexus - Teaser v2
  • VS Alexus - Teaser v2
  • Kasey "Sparky" Moore
  • EX Versus

A wonderful little follow-up to my first teaser I posted a couple of days ago. I figured more than enough has changed and I really needed to show everyone what I’m capable of ;-;

EDIT: Commissions are OPEN

DOUBLE EDIT: Darnit I forgot there is no looping function on TUMBLR so it cuts out immediately. SORRY!

Music (c) Me for my character Alexus

Thumbnail of Alexus drawn by @kanyewestrainbowfactory

praesaga said:

goODBYE. / fuck guna regret this and u

Send me "Goodbye" for the last voice message
my muse leaves for yours before they die.

he’s dying. he can feel the wolfbane pump through his
system ; taste the blood in his mouth. the musky scent of
the dirt presses compact against the lid of his makeshift
coffin, and it seems almost ironic that he’s found himself
here again — full circle — trapped within the confines of a
space that barely fits long limbs as he claws desperately
at its metallic lid. except this time, he isn’t hidden in the
dark, dank depths of the family basement. this time, he’s
been buried alive.

he really was an idiot, going against his better judgement
and choosing to come back to beacon hills.
but it wasn’t as if he had a choice.

              pity he isn’t worth a measly million.
              pity he isn’t even on the list.

                         seems like an awful lot of trouble to go
                         through for someone entirely worthless.

fingers fumble with the phone in his pocket, and isaac’s
surprised to find that he’s still able to get service. idly, he
wonders how deep his unmarked grave is. distantly, he
wonders if they’ll ever find his body.

it’s probably for the best that his phone call immediately 
goes to message bank, despite his selfish, needy side 
desiring nothing more than to hear her voice one last time.

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