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and omfg yessss it was goodoodododododood 

we had pics and autographs ugh it was so nice 


may look like just scribbles to you but omfg so pumped up still lol 

My godson’s 1st birthday party today!!! You’re almost 1 and grew up way too fast. Watching your mom give birth to you was crazy. I love you can’t wait to see you in the suit I got for you. ;) #exv @_xxlauraaa @timothykala

If I go on
With you by my side
Can it be
The way it was
When we met
Did you forget all about those golden nights?

Maybe a thief stole your heart
Or maybe we just drifted apart

All of our plans have fallen through
Sometimes a dream, it don’t come true…

daughterstobeleaders said:

attempts & fails to leave a hickey on isaac's neck

     amusement twists at his mouth the moment lips press to the hollow
     of his throat, an arm slung loosely around her waist as they lay curled
     together in bed. the dull background noise of the tv down the hall serves
     as a steady reminder that they’re far from alone in her family apartment,
     but regardless, allison seems to have found a way to occupy her time.

     isaac knows the dark red marks will always fade within ten seconds,
     perhaps the only downside to his accelerated healing — he likes the
     idea of people knowing what they’ve been up to. blue eyes drop
     towards her face, although he makes no attempt to move.


                  ❛ Feeling possessive today, are we ? ❜

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☱ bring it the chad

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July 19, 2009

I don't know why I asked her out. I don't know why I expected her to react any differently than she did. I guess some small part of me hoped she'd be honest.

I've seen how sad her eyes are when no one else is looking. I know she isn't happy. But I guess some of us are better at pretending than others, because no one else seems to have noticed, and it took very little effort on her behalf to laugh in my face.

Am I really that ugly? Probably.

I guess I'm lucky she hasn't seen my scars.

martysm said:

"Kiss me, quick!" ( whoops. )

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   they’re drunk. it’s evident in the way laughter tumbles from their lips as they flop back onto her mattress — an action which could easily be mistaken for something natural. and perhaps it is natural now, but it wasn’t six months ago. it wasn’t before they met each other. side by side they lay, chuckles subsiding briefly, only to start up again seconds later.

                ❛ I can’t believe you thought it’d be a good idea to go skinnydipping in the local public pool, ❜ isaac mutters with an eyeroll, although the grin is yet to wipe off his face.

                              ❛ I didn’t realize there’d be security! Hey- give that back—! ❜

   his laughter fills her bedroom once more, blue eyes mischievous as his hand wraps around her cellphone. feeble attempts at snatching it back are made, the girl clumsily reaching for his arms outstretched towards the side table before her fingers make contact with the headboard. loudly. 

                              ❛ Ow! Isaac—

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