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exuseme said:

Honestly tho I hated that nail trend when it first came out in magazines and it only grew on me months later. Not due to the race of the person sporting it. Sometimes trends take a while to catch on and that's just a slightly more reasonable explanation than everyone whos not black being inherently racist....

Yeah people catch onto things late, I’m one of those people. I understand this happens, but for this type of incident, this just happens way too often. It happened with Jazz, Rock, Pop, and now rap. And that’s just talking about a portion of appropriated music from black people.

 It even happens with our day to day speech, the words that we speak.

And in fashion it’s a huge problem.

Americans and more specifically, white Americans, appropriate and take from different cultures and shamelessly don’t even give credit. But before that the original cultures are shamed for their creations and their practices. 

So even though people catch onto things late, history has proven that it is more than that. 

Secondly, in these magazines whose really sporting these looks. Fashion diversity is really poorly represented. 

In the Fall/Winter 2013 fashion week of this year, 

“Those shows presented 4479 individual women’s wear “looks” to buyers and press, representing 4479 opportunities for a model to walk the runway or pose in a presentation.In 3706 of those looks, or 82.7%, were this season shown on white models. Asian models nabbed 409, or 9.1% of all the runway looks. Black models were hired for 271, or 6%. Non-white Latina models had 90 looks, or 2%. Models of other races wore 12, or 0.2% of all looks.”

In many major fashion magazines, you’ll be likely to see white models than models of color. It is the white bodies that sport and sell these ideas, concepts and fashions that may or may have not been inspired by a person of color. So, it is because of the inherent racism that is in our society. 

How does that work where do I go like I don’t even have a car or license I don’t know what to do my parents are so controlling