Nako kang bata kaaa, kung san san ka pumaparoon -_- Pinaiyak mko sa pag aalala :( Anyws, ayooooos na lahaaat :“) Iloveyouuuu :”) Isang ILY mo laaaang ayooos na lahaaat :“) #ExtraMe :3 #GdMrnght.

Okey got it my life is a circle. Turn right turn back move on but still same People turn back . No result. İt is a different story. But still it is looking funny and normak when i am with Kaltrina And baby Handsome. good. İt is extramely Unhealty but still fun of Fun #relationships #come #back

Colorful anime make me release so many things. 

Sympathy for adult

Don’t kill yourselves.

We only have a life, we must be on duty ourselves. 

And we are colorful. Not only one color but also so many color. 

I wish I had encourage to exist and accept my real soul.  Loving my life but I am extramely scary many things outside. Just be my dream.