in all my classes

me: *raises hand* okay yeah but gender and biological sex are social constructs
professor: we’re discussing the revolutionary war, I haven’t mentioned anything about either of those topics
me: yes well… I just wanted to remind everyone, carry on.

Happy Halloween from lunabotic!
   Lunabot as Master Celestia
Robot Octavia as The Virus Pony


Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys @ Woodlands 10.30.14


I’m sorry, can anyone gif the majim part, please? It’s the last 30 seconds. I’d do it myself if only I were good enough!

Mayim: “I’m very athetic!”

Jim: “Are you kidding?!”


"You’re nothing but a yes-man, Umeko…"

"She’s super resilient!!"

"You’re so damn adaptable!"

Gekkan Shoujo Week Day 4: Favorite Parodied Trope (Otome Game)

anonymous said:

Please make the extra about the brake up! I feel like a lot of us want to read that! Or a TFLN about harry seeing her with someone after the brake up and texting her??

Harry. The missus. 



This isn’t how we agreed this was supposed to go. 

I just wanted to make sure you were okay. 

About what? 

I saw you at Primrose coffee yesterday with someone. You looked pretty upset. 

Is that why you’re texting me, really? Or are you jealous that I was on a date with someone yesterday?

You were bloody crying right in front of the bloke. 

Oh, so you’re following me around now, too? 

No! I was walking home, and was going to stop and get a coffee but didn’t because I saw you were there. 

How do you know I was crying? 

You were biting your lower lip and doing that thing where your forehead puckers. Did he hurt you? 

That’s not really your concern anymore. 

So I’m not allowed to care about you anymore?

We broke up! We’re supposed to move on! 

Well what if I can’t??? What if I don’t want to??? 

Harry, we can’t. 

Please, just talk to me. 

anonymous said:

I don't know if you're taking TFLN request but I have an idea! Texts between harry and the missus when they are engaged and she's sick but he's on tour

Harry. The missus. 







aRE YOU oKaY? WHat’S wROng?

Yeah. I’m okay. Are YOU okay? Are you drunk?

No, it’s just 3am where i am. let me just wake up a little. screen’s blinding me a bit. 

Oh, right. Sorry, babe. I forgot. 

S’okay. What’s wrong?

Do we have anymore Nyquil?

I think I have a packet in my nightstand. Are you feeling poorly?

A little. Think it’s one of those 24 hour flus. My stomach feels a little weird. Blah. I can’t sleep. 

Aww, Snuggles. :((( I’m sorry. If it makes you feel better, the bus is bouncing all over the place. One of us is bound to throw up at some point. 

So comforting, my love. ;)

Sorry. Maybe not. 

But really, little one. I’m sorry you’re feeling poorly and I’m not there. :((

It’s okay. I’ll just lay here til I throw up or fall asleep or both. 

There’s ginger biscuits in the cupboard. Mum used to give me those when I was sick. And Sprite. I think there’s some in the fridge. If a mum can trust it, it must work. 

I’ll try it. Thanks, mister. I miss you. 

I miss you so much. Niall’s snoring like a lawnmower below me. 

Charming. ;) 



Are you sure it’s just the flu??? ;))

I’m not pregnant, you goof. I’m pretty sure a customer sneezed on me at work. 

Okay, whatever you say, baby. We did have pretty hot, loving, baby-making sex before I left, though. ;))

Sex? What’s that??? ;)

Someone’s delirious and needs to go back to bed.

This is true. I love you so much, okay? Call me in the morning. 

I will. I love you too. Sincerely, your loving fiancee/ :)))

Who is not pregnant. Only flu-stricken. :) xxx.