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I can’t make it to the gym today because I am prepping to have a colonoscopy tomorrow so I am breaking out my @trainerbob Total Body Transformation Dvd for the first time since I received it at his book launch party for The Skinny Rules! #Fitfluential #MOVE #bobharper #workoutdvd #fitforsummer #healthylifestylemovement #homeworkout #fitgirl #muscle #biggestloser #ExSoyCise (Taken with Instagram)

Todays @powercakes # junepowermealaday was ON THE GO! I Just had a very delicious and healthy dinner from Fuel, one of my favorite delivery restaurants in NYC! I had an egg white and chicken omelet with a side of steamed sweet potato. They are awesome because they don’t use any oils or butter when they cook, so it’s great for avoiding allergens :) #fitfluential #EAT #eatclean #ExSoyCise #sweetpotato #Brinner (Taken with Instagram)