Light Weight Litters- They're Not All the Same

Light Weight Litters- They’re Not All the Same

Back in January I wrote a blog post about some of the various litters I’d tried.I said I wasn’t with the lightweight litter choices out there. But after I was bitten by a dog and my dominant left hand was useless for several days,  scooping the litter box quickly escalated from a task I dislike but could easily perform to one that was quite labor-intensive. I decided then to rethink my position…

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bedding related annoucement:

yesterday’s news is no longer rat safe. some older rat care websites list it as a good choice, when the company that makes it has added softwoods to the recycled paper mix.

softwoods like cedar and pine contain aromatic oils. they smell good to us, but they will make rats sick. it hurts their respiratory systems.

a good alternative is petsmart’s exquisicat paper cat litter. it’s basically the same as YN used to be. my boys really like it and it’s cheap. oh, and i’m not affiliated with petsmart at all, haha. just letting you all know about the change.