To My Sunshine;

I carry you, with me
And it makes me stronger,
I think, of you, and, I,
Am all the wiser.
I hear your voice,
Whisper to me, gently.

A calming gust of wind,
A peaceful catharsis,
To any malady.
Yes, yes, yes, oh, you, M’lady,

To whom which, I hold so dear,
To whom which, I wish no harm,
You, you, you, oh yes you.
You, yes, you, it’s all, for you.

And I know I may be spoony. And you may find me silly. But, I swear, I swear, unto you. That which I do, I do for you.

In my bones,
And in my soul,
I feel the words,
The bard’s song resonating,
The one which, my lips quiver.
In my heart, it carries on.

The one, I won’t stop singing

The Night

Being up late is dangerous. I feel like it is definitely good for the soul but at the same time it can be earth shatteringly damaging to the mind and heart. We feel vulnerable when the sun is no longer looking out for us. It is like the moon not only brings in and out the tides, but it pulls the thoughts straight out of the shadows of our minds. We can no longer hide from the truth at night. You didn’t call him at 1:43 AM because you were drunk or tired, or just plain out of sorts. You called him because that is what you wanted to do and it’s because it is what your heart needed you to do. You may regret it in the morning, but you meant to do it so don’t try to take it back. You want to lie to yourself when the morning light breaks through and you manage to somehow, but that isn’t what you should do. You’re going to move on, you’re going to ignore your feelings but you know as soon as the sun falls away and the moon illuminates the sky, your vulnerability is going to creep back. I love this fact about the night time, but I also despise it. I don’t want to feel any of the things that I’m feeling right now but then again I am feeling. We go about our daily routines throughout the day and we don’t need to feel anything because we are preoccupied. Our minds are flittering about on normal things, normal routines, and normal feelings during the day for the most part. We feel what we need to feel to get ourselves through the day but are we really feeling at all? At night we don’t need to be doing anything. Maybe you’re creeping through your Facebook feed or re-blogging things on tumblr, but something is going to hit you smack in the face and make you realize that you aren’t okay. This happens to me all the time, like I’m sure it does to every single person on tumblr who sees that quote that reminds you of him, or that picture that makes you wish you were there, or anything at all that makes you feel anything. This is why I have a love hate relationship with being a night owl. I am my true self when I am alone in the late hours of the night. I don’t need to hide from anything and therefore, I am honestly being myself. I am feeling my raw emotions that demand to be felt, and though it hurts, the authenticity of it feels amazing.


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Translated by me and Monica Odom

[image text] Natalie has been told that her style is not appropriate for a woman her age. Natalie, you are free to express your identity through your body at any age!

[texto da imagem] Disseram para Natália que seu estilo era inadequado para a sua idade. Natália, você é livre para expressar sua identidade através do seu corpo em qualquer idade!

The Green Bay Area School District in Wisconsin has banned bullying that targets students on the basis of gender identity. 

Following a move by another Wisconsin school district to make schools safer for trans students, Green Bay has acknowledged that students need to be protected on the basis of their gender identity and expression as well as sexual orientation. The district is also training staff on LGBT issues and developing ways to make GSAs more effective.

"We know there is bullying and harassment going on, and we want students to know that that is not acceptable," said Elizabeth Wetzel Gracyalny, a social worker at East High School and the district’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning coordinator.

"There wasn’t a special rule for making fun of kids for gender expression, and we wanted it to be in black and white. If we have a rule, we can say ‘This is a rule you are breaking.’"

In addition to the bullying policy, district officials are looking at other measures to make schools more accommodating for transgender students, such as gender-neutral bathrooms or special locker room accommodations. It’s working with a state advocacy group to make changes.

Yes, yes, yes. This everywhere, please.