Maps show what one product makes the most money for each nation

Predictably, oil is the most traded commodity in the global market. It is also the MVP of exportation, as the highest-valued product sold abroad in nearly 40 countries.

After mining data from the CIA’s World Factbook, the Global Post assembled a map illustrating each country’s top exports, according to their worth on the international market.

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Good news: Gas prices are down, but not from a year ago
  • $3.60 the average price of gasoline in the U.S.
  • -35¢ the decrease in price from May’s peak
  • +87¢ the increase in price from a year ago source

» What caused the increase? To put it simply, many analysts point to the civil war in Libya for inflating the price of gas, as it took 1 million barrels of oil out of the supply chain each day, raising the price of oil by $20 per gallon at its high point. The recent successes the rebels have had since NATO started its air strikes exactly six months ago tonight have helped to bring the prices down to more manageable levels. Seasonal factors are also at play, and with Labor Day behind us, gas prices should continue to decline through Christmas.

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Trade: In FEB-2011, the WSJ looked at the changing face of U.S. trade.

They tracked the how much U.S. exports and imports have grown since 1990 and noted a major shift in which countries are most prominent partners.