Panda Safe After High-Stakes Tree Rescue

by Scott Friedstein, FluffPo Correspondent

According to sources, Ming the panda is safe on the ground this morning after becoming trapped in a tire swing at least three feet from the ground. Witnesses tell The Fluffington Post that her brother, Bao Lao, quickly assessed the situation and sprung into action.

"She’s in that tire swing all the time," says Richard Beck. "I knew she was eventually going to get stuck in it. It’s a good thing Bao Lao was around, because I definitely wasn’t going up there."

The three-year-old panda was shaken, but quickly returned to her normal panda activities. 

"She went to sleep," says Beck. "I don’t blame her, though - I’d be exhausted too if that happened to me."

Via explore.org.

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Final Fantasy Explorers’ ”Light” demo, bonus FF1 ⊟

Well, this is rad. First-run packaged copies of Final Fantasy Explorers will include a code for a 3DS version of the original Final Fantasy, which looks to be based on the iOS/PSP/etc. version. It’ll be sold separately on the eShop a month later.

In other Explorers news, a demo called “Final Fantasy Explorers Light” will be released in advance of the game, featuring the first chapter and both single- and online multiplayer modes. Via GematsuGAME Watch.

Neither of these announcements have been confirmed outside of Japan, because Final Fantasy Explorers hasn’t been confirmed outside of Japan.

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Exploring the Gulkana Wild and Scenic River

The Gulkana is one of the most popular sportfishing rivers in Alaska, providing rich habitat for rainbow trout, arctic grayling, king salmon, red salmon, whitefish, longnose suckers, and lamprey.  A poplular river for fisherman and boaters in the summer, this river has also played an important role in the lives of the Ahtna, providing access to subsistence resoucres throughout history and pre-history.  During winter months the frozen Gulkana River was historically used as an important travel route from the Copper River to the Tangle Lakes and what is now known as the Denali Highway area. 

The Gulkana River Watershed drains approximately 2,140 square miles of Southcentral Alaska.  The river begins in the Alaska Range near Summit Lake and flows south into the Copper River, eventually draining into Prince William Sound.  Several hundred lakes and ponds are scattered throughout the spruce-dominated forest of the Gulkana River Watershed, providing abundant nesting areas for trumpeter swans and waterfowl.

Photos by Jeremy Matlock, BLM


Created by Dave MacClean via the Centre of Geographic Studies in Nova Scotia, every indicator pin is color-coded pertaining to which astronaut took the photo (providing a link to the original image and tweet).

Logging more than 650 pictures shared with the twitter world from astronauts aboard the International Space Station, the interactive map also provides the real-time location of the ISS.

Keep in mind, you can track the ISS from wherever you are on this beautiful blue marble by inputting your place in space, or signing up to receive automatic updates for when/where to view the football field-sized space station pass overhead with NASA’s Spot The Station service!


source article: io9