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thinking about some old posts averyterrible made about Alpha Protocol, an RPG where it was absolutely impossible to not be an asshole - even in picking the ‘good’ choices to conversations or decisions, your character was, consistently, some kind of asshole. and i really like the idea here and would like to see it explored in future RPGs, where, whether picking “good” or “evil” moral choices, they still reflect a key core of your character’s personality, and how/why they’d make those kind of decisions. like with Alpha Protocol, a lot of being a “good guy” would involve your character being incredibly passive aggressive, condescending, or doing the right thing for selfish reasons

it makes for some pretty hilarious moments and i think could make for more interesting ideas with narrative and player choice


The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Part 2 | OOOH POINTS OF INTERESET, YES PLEASE!

In this video of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt I wonder around finding some points of interest in the first area of the game.

urgh76 replied to your post: urgh76 asked:I’ve died at least 8…

I remember you said you somehow skipped that sanctuary. Guess you just didn’t fully explore the first time. Though I’m baffled as to how you beat the second without Paula. And after a marathon today, finally stopped at Fourside. It’s damn addictive

Oh yeah, I did skip the sanctuary there lol. I just didn’t notice it and they don’t really make you do it for a while haha. It’s weird, b/c in general I explore areas in RPGs pretty thoroughly, but Earthbound put me in a weird state. I liked it though, it was a big beautiful disorienting game.

Yeah I can’t believe I beat the second one without Paula either. I couldn’t figure out how to get through the Happy Happy crowd. It seemed like a road block to me, that area was the only other one open so I charged through there. I think I died a lot, but then Ness became OP. I got to the sanctuary boss and I was like “crap I’m not supposed to be here am I?” I fought it anyway for the hell of it and won easily.

I love Fourside! The music is the shit!! Wish they’d bring back the Fourside stage from melee.





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K-Messenger Orev Shalom has found a treasure
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I can let the above video speak for itself, but I’ll sum it up like so:

You own a fancy little island somewhere in the middle of the ocean. You move your Miis in. You assign them a name, a personality, and a voice. You give them food, clothes, living space, and other necessities. They hang out, play games, get into fights, fall in love, marry, make babies, break up, cheat, get into rap battles, throw frisbies, travel the world, explore a dungeon RPG-style, and have bizarre dreams involving dancing around a Virtual Boy.

This is one of those weird life sim games. It’s like Animal Crossing and The Sims trying to raise a Tamagotchi while on less than legal substances. The fun of the game isn’t playing the game, but rather watching how the Miis interact with each other.

The game came out last year in June, and I will say, it’s not for everyone. Give the video above a watch. If you scratch your head and wonder what the point is supposed to be, the game is probably not for you. If you watch and get a good laugh, and imagine the sorts of Miis you could add and the adventures you could have, I recommend giving it a shot.

Conquist No More – Expeditions: Viking Announced

2013’s Expeditions: Conquistador was an interesting idea, an expedition into the New World mixing exploration, party management, RPG bits, and turn-based combat. It was pretty fun, our Adam thought, but had a fair few problems too. Now developers Logic Arts have returned to announce another voyage, or more a series of raids.

Expeditions: Viking [Facebook page] will see that beardy lot cruising for a bruising and perusing for a pillaging, trying to lead a clan into a bright future.

… [visit site to read more]

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Something to update this blog for. This is Syrene,a key character in Iter. She created the Xenovisions. Before Ava came into the X-D, the denzien explored the strange worlds and adapted using her own X-Vs. During her trek, however, a ‘worm’ had infected most of her X-Vs. Whenever she uses them, they will eventually crash, leaving her temporary sick with the infection.

This design might or might not change and she won’t be in the first release but future releases when I introduce another important X-V.

Speed Xenovisions

I’m having thoughts of having two speed Xenovisions. The first one is just a simple speed Xenovision while the Enlightened one is a special Speed Xenovision. It will have a secondary effect that affects certain objects, very much like 2kki’s Glasses Effect.

The reason why I’m doing this because the Enlightened Xenovision will mostly be used in the survival mini-games where I introduce the main antagonist who will actually kill Ava if she gets too close. She needs to use Enlightened in order to reveal hidden messages about the antagonist and to open passageways to escape.

The survival mini-game and the special Xenovision will only be in future releases.