There are quite a few drawings and paintings of Captain James Cook’s voyages thanks to artist William Hodges who accompanied him, but I think this is one of my favorites. This is a painting of the Resolution (foreground) and the Adventure (in the distance). 

Not quite black and white but very evocative of a specific type of mood & weather. This was done on January 4, 1773 and is titled The Resolution and Adventure, 4 January 1773, Taking Ice for Water, Latitude 61 Degrees South . On the 17th of January the Resolution would be the first ship to cross the Antarctic Circle. 

Cook pulled into Portsmouth on July 30, 1775 ending his second voyage of exploration.

Recent Acquisition - Photograph Collection

Original caption: “Mountain Climbing Underground. New Market, Va. - Even an explorer must eat and here, the Endless Caverns’ Expedition takes time out for a bit of lunch during a halt on one of the ledges in this underground canyon.The party found that it was easier to carry the food inside them then to pack it along the narrow passageways. Note the chasm at left. November 8, 1940.”


ScienceCasts: Roundworms Have the Right Stuff

The common roundworm shares a surprising amount of genetic material with humans - enough, in fact, to make them the good substitutes for astronauts in low-gravity medical studies.

More on Space Aging!

By: Science At NASA.


SciCafe: Explore21 - Papua New Guinea

In the fall of 2014, a team of vertebrate specialists from the Museum headed to one of the most remote areas in the world in search of new species and specimens on the Explore21 Papua New Guinea expedition. In this SciCafe, Brett Benz, Paul Sweet, and Christopher Raxworthy talk about the discoveries they made, as well as the adventures they had along the way.

This SciCafe took place at the Museum on March 3, 2015. To listen to the full lecture, download the podcast here:

By: American Museum of Natural History.

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