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๑ Spin ๑

  • 2nd Person gets: A kiss


The princeling’s eyes widened in surprise before gently placing his pink lips against the stranger’s in a hesitant motion, his cheeks tingling as he pulled away with a faint gasp.  ”I…I hope this has suited your needs..” 


I assume this is what one does with these:

E v i d e n c e ;


 Etiquette dictats I wish you luck. 



I surely do appreciate someone who can keep their manners, darling. Thank you for your wishes, although I must say my precious victim will need the luck much more than I’ll do.

A pleasure, by the way. James Moriarty, consulting criminal. At your service.



 ”I think I may have dreamt too hard,” Loki pursed, tapping his fingers against the handle of the hard couch which he called bed for several hours now. The edge of his thin lips moved upwards, brighten up his own mood with his famed Cheshire’s smile. “Are you lost, mortal? Or is there something that you need from me? I used to take virgins and blood for payment but now, I prefer fun. Give me fun and entertain me and I shall see whether you are worth keeping around.”

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Christine was on shore leave, walking through the halls of an outpost towards the edge of federation space. She was just glancing down to check her phone for messages, when she bumped into a rather tall man. “Oh, I’m sorry.” she apologized lightly. 


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Headcanon: James T. Kirk has many regrets. He's prone to falling into an ever increasing pit of remorse that often reunites with him at the seat of a bar, under the cold press of an alcoholic beverage. One of his more recent regrets is turning on Khan before the man had a chance to truly prove himself villainous or not. Mostly due to the fact that Khan extraneously saved Kirks life out in the debris field by assisting the captain in realigning himself to enter the airlock unharmed.

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Image was not paying attention while he was walking causing him to run head first into someone, his paper bags from the store breaking in the process. “Gods I am so sorry.” He whispered helping him to his feet before scurrying to gather the food that had poured out. “I did not mean to do that. Are you alright?”