Golden Dawn: Deafening Explosion, Deafening Silence From The Bourgeoisie Parties.

People of unknown identity placed a high magnitude bomb (3 kilos of dynamite!) on the Golden Dawn offices of the White Tower (which is one of the most active Social Solidarity centers in Greece) which exploded in 04.00 am (Greek time). The bomb caused extensive damage. A meter-wide crater was created and the strong blast wave hit every shop in the district and caused a meter-wide hole on the wall of a nearby shop. The bottom floor was completely destroyed. Nearby cars and house took a severe hit from the blast, and the shop of a Greek near our offices has been completely destroyed.
The details of the bomb’s structure are creepy. The techs located bullets (like the ones contained in the shells of a hunting shotgun) in holes sprayed all over the 50-meter radius of the blast area. The bomb’s intent was to KILL.

And we should expect this. The parties of the bourgeoisie resorted to the last weapon in their arsenal. After their extensive and costly propaganda campaign that failed, they resorted to terror. Why am I accusing the parties of Parliament for this terrorist attack? Because 15 hours after the nearly deadly attack and NO PARTY has condemned it. How could they? They are the ones behind it, they know very well who those terrorists are, and they were harboring terrorist activism against us. They never condemned the countless arson attacks against our offices. This is their “democracy”. Instead, they inspire total war against our members and voters. A war against our social lives and our political rights, a war that a University professor (of the progressive breed) proposed few hours before the attack, during a TV interview. We can only say one thing:

Walls may fall, but Ideas stay!!!

And we will shed our Blood for those Ideas!!!

They can burn our offices
They can ridicule us on their newspapers
They can attack us on the streets
They can even outlaw us…

But they can never defeat us.
For we are fighting for a holy cause.
For a Greece that is mighty.
For a home that is proud and free.
And the Enemy trembles, for his time is short.
And he knows that.

Their time is short.

The Leader of the Golden Dawn called for a meeting on the ruins of the offices, to organize the self-defense of our members against the State and the Parastate.

Wheres the Western Media on this issue? - (Page 404ed, it was pulled/censored)


A viral British anti-drunk driving campaign video is receiving a lot of attention this week for a sobering strategy that aims to literally scare the crap out of potential offenders.

The #PubLooShocker video, just 52 seconds long, features “unsuspecting” drinkers in a bar bathroom. They are suddenly brought face-to-face, literally, with the bloody head of a person smashing through the mirror (as one might a car windshield).

While the pub patrons are reportedly actors, and the head is obviously fake, the effect of video is deeply disturbing.

Produced by Leo Burnett for England’s Department for Transport THINK! campaign, the PSA certainly has people talking. After only a day on YouTube, the video has already racked up hundreds of thousands of views, and it’s setting Twitter abuzz.


Test 1: Time Freeze/Explosion

Shot with GOPro HD2

Adobe After Effects & Adobe Premiere Pro

week ago i was at work and i had to throw some garbage and i did it and when i was on my way back i heard loud exploision and the lights gone and i saw the flash. it was shrapnel. and it fell right on the side where ive been like one minute ago.

there are already so many cases of me avoiding the bombings like i was at this place and the next day it got bombed or i overstayed at work and right at the time when i supposed to be at home my district got bombed…