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Fic rec: let's talk in baseball metaphors (what are they again?) - New Girl

Fandom: New Girl
Title: let’s talk in baseball metaphors (what are they again?)
Author: hariboo
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/409903
Pairing(s)/characters: Jessica Day/Nick Miller, everyone
Rating/Warnings: Explit sexual content
Summary: the evolution of jess and nick’s hook ups via alcohol and some soberness, but not enough of the latter.

Why you should read this: Funny, moving and wonderful.
(It should feel like a movie or a tv show when the guy and the girl get together and it’s all slow motion and slow songs and declarations of feelings.

It’s too hot and too loud and then Nick steps on her toes.)

littlebrotherkresnik said:

This is Bonblastia. It took me all [explitive] day to log in on this but I did it!!!!!

OMG. Good for you! It must have been exhausting, I did that once on another account and it sucked! XD! I was never able to find it sadly enough but whateves. Anyone could on you!

If you use replace explitives instead of the words themselves then go around thinking you’re a moral little cupcake you’re a fucking idiot

i forgot in british literature class Mr. Lyke (the teacher) said the reference to one God was an explitive, an expression. i noticed too late that it isnt an explitive. ‘for the sake of God who sits above, see how they bleed!’ (lines 941,942 Canterbury Tales) he means you should look at how others have given great pain like you should look at God’s great pain, not because he felt like saying it