Watching sunsets like these is the essence of dreamy. Pictures can’t capture the change that is witnessed when the sky changes color and you’re sitting in the beauty of it all with nobody else around. 

These pictures were taken at Lake Macquarie and Booti Booti Conservation Reserve in New South Wales Australia

Explanding the family (Season 3 Raquel)

It was weird visiting somewhere as banal as the supermarket in disguise, but Kaldur found it necessary to do so. There were times when they wanted to just be a normal family outside of their home and with he and Raquel’s identity known to the public this was the only way. They only needed minor changes to look less like themselves anyway, and so long as Naiad wasn’t near no one recognized Amistad.  Very few would assume that the family of three milling down the produce aisle were world famous. Especially since this store was well outside of their neighborhood.

"So what would you prefer. Broccoli or zucchini" Kaldur asked Amistad, although he was certain that the answer would be neither..or cookies.