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Actually in Instagram it a little bit different than tumblr. If they don't say HEY I DREW THIS then they arnt taking credit for doing the art they are just posting it when they put their username on the pictures it's for people to see te account that posted it so they can assume "hey this is a teen titans account I'll go follow it"so they get the followers and not the account that reposted On instgram it's all about followers. Not who did the art. Idk if this made sense but basically don't worry


um no. I don’t believe instagram can get a pass on stealing art.

What you said about people automatically knowing that the person DID NOT DRAW the artwork, is an assumption. It’s the same assumption that people on tumblr who repost artwork probably make too. Instagram is no different, I’m sorry.

I understand in the sense that a person can’t “reblog”, but that still doesn’t make it right! If someone who posts something on instagram and states “Do not steal, give credit!” has felt how awful it is to have something taken away without credit, why can’t they feel for the artist who put much effort to that work? Do we not have feelings? Is it forgetfulness? Or perhaps a case of “I don’t give a damn. I’m getting followers.”

And I’m sorry, it’s always about “who did the art”. Because credit is important. Why else did the artist draw it? Yes, it’s so one can draw for themselves, but also for recognition. If it was solely for themselves, they would not have posted it online. It would be framed in their home.

And this is why I keep hearing many artist quit. They stop sharing art work in order to prevent theft. This is why, because stealing art is swept under the rug.

Because some people think “it’s not about the artists”.

Don’t you dare say that. DON’T YOU EVER.