So someone probably already said this but with the theories I have seen on my dash I really needed to address that marker on Twelve’s ‘grave’.

I haven’t seen a lot of people talking about it (although I’m sure the subject’s been thoroughly analysed, but I wasn’t aware of it, hence here I am), but from what I have seen, people seemed to headcannon that Lisa put that marker there because Twelve was special to her, especially dear to her heart.

While that’s pretty cute and sad for the hisalisa shippers, I don’t think that’s the reason she did it.

I don’t believe Lisa would have wanted to physically mark a difference on one of the graves of all these children who died for the same reasons just because she personnally felt more attached to that person. I kind of see that as disrespectful, in a certain way, and I don’t think Lisa would have had that sort of idea. Plus, she knows she isn’t the only one who goes to visit the graves, and that may have also had an impact on that kind of decision.

Also, I think if she had done something special for Twelve, she probably would have done a little something different for Nine at least too (maybe even for Five). That’s just a feeling I’ve got so I can’t really rely on that, but really, I just don’t think that theory fits the character.

What I think that marker may be referring to is the fact that out of the twenty-six children who were part of the Athena Plan, Twelve was the only one who maybe could have lived a normal life.

Twenty-three of the children died in the Facility itself, not reaching more than ten years old. This rules them out since they could not survive the tests.

Five and Nine are a different story. Throughout the episodes, they are seen struggling with strong headaches and physical pain. Five even passes out and ends up at the hospital. They are both suffering, somewhat keeping scars from the experiments practiced on them at a young age. Five may have outlived all the children who stayed in the Facility until the end, but it was pretty evident that the consequences of the tests were going to kill her one day or another. 

The same goes with Nine: he escaped, but the aftermath of the tests was just inevitable because the damage was done in his body. It is hinted heavily that their end was drawing close. The end of episode 8, with Nine and Twelve talking about not having enough time, was probably referencing to the fact that Nine could succumb in the following years, months, or even weeks. Maybe days. And the same goes for Five.

The thing is, contrarily to Five and Nine, Twelve never showed any symptoms. Maybe the tests he was subject to before his escape weren’t enough to scar him too badly. And maybe he could have grown up and become a normal adult, without any physical traces of his being part of the test subjects of the Athena Plan.

Therefore, he would be the only one who would not have been denied a life by the experiment, but in fact, he died anyways. This, in my eyes, could be a reasonable motive to make a difference between his grave and all of the others.

Another way of looking at it, though, would be to notice how he was the only one who was really killed, with that specific intention in mind. The children of the Facility died from the experiments, and even if the scientists knew very well that was a possibility, it was not their objective (I am supposing they did want to succeed). 

Nine died for the same reasons, years later, succumbing to the headaches. For Five, it’s more tricky, though: she didn’t wait until her body couldn’t take it anymore. She killed herself, unable to suffer through it all anymore (and not finding any more reason to). While the intent here was indeed to find death, I don’t think suicide really counts as assassination.

But Twelve is shot. He doesn’t die from the tests, and he doesn’t decide to give up life. He’s shot in the abdomen by Americans. He is, ultimately, the only one dying from murder. And that also looks like a good reason to acknowledge that Twelve had, indeed, something different from the others.


Favorites of Theatre - Stark Sands

My definition of Polyamory.

So, I was texting a friend about my life. It came up that I am in a Poly relationship. They assumed that was similar to Polygamy… In response I said the following;

" Polygamy is the religious practice of one man who has many wife’s… At least I think it is, without looking it up.

Polyamory is the personal belief that we are not meant to be kept to one person. We are more than capable of having many open and healthy love filled relationships at one time.”

Did I do good?

I’m sure there are many other ways I could have explained it. However, this was my quickest response. =)

- ‘edit’ This actually got 15notes? I didn’t expect it to be shared and suddenly I find it while looking into Polyamory on Tumblr. I feel sorta special now! -
ELI5: Why are there so many programming languages to essentially write the same programs? And the same with web pages?

Explain Like I’m 5: Why are there so many programming languages to essentially write the same programs? And the same with web pages?

Answer by Reddit User: DandyLion23

Same reason why you have a fork, a knife and a spoon. Some things are better for some tasks then others.

Not only that, but people who are very good with computers sometimes think, “I bet I can make something that is even better then a knife at slicing cheese!” and comes up with a cheese slicer.

Then another person thinks: “I like the fork, knife and spoon, but they take up too much space.” So they invent the spork.

So there are a lot of languages that have their own specialization. So it’s better to write scientific programs in R and web applications in Javascript.

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ELI5: Explain the US government shutdown like you're the gang from Scooby-Doo explaining the mystery to the cops at the end of the episode.
  • Fred:Well officers, it was quite a mystery why the ol' Capitol Building was haunted. Everyone kept hearing strange noises from inside while no bills were being passed, so we had to investigate.
  • Daphne:Yeah, and it was weird too, it would start at 2 pm instead of 9 am, and for some weird reason, money kept being paid to the congressmen and women's bank accounts when no work was getting done.
  • Velma:That's right, and if no budget was passed by midnight, no money could be allocated to the government offices or programs. But that was when we realized who it really was haunting the Capitol building.
  • Fred:At first we thought it was the Senate, for not passing any bills.
  • Velma:But then we realized that the bills they were rejecting all were trying to alter the Affordable Healthcare Act.
  • Shaggy:Like, zoinks! That's the plan that would give, like, first world healthcare coverage to all Americans.
  • Velma:That's right! We didn't figure it out until Scoob here stumbled onto the bill wording.
  • Scooby:Rhee-hee-hee.
  • Shaggy:Then, like, who's to blame?
  • Fred:Well, we realized that the ones holding the government budget hostage were none other than the House of Representatives, led by...
  • pulls off mask
  • All:Old man Boehner!
  • Boehner:Grr.
  • Fred:You see, if the House didn't send a bill that didn't affect the Affordable Healthcare Act, the Senate would have no choice but to reject it, so he kept sending bills that would alter it until they would give up, holding the U.S. Government hostage.
  • Velma:That's right, but he didn't realize that the Democratically controlled Senate wouldn't allow the House to damage what the Democratic party has worked so hard to make.
  • Shaggy:Wow, looks like he didn't, amend his plan!
  • laughter
  • Boehner:Grr. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
  • laughter
  • Scooby:Scooby-Dooby-Dooooo!
I wish I understood polyamorous relationships better.

Of course I know the basic definition (even though from what understand they differ from relationship to relationship.) but I have a really hard time understanding how a person can give their heart to more than one person. I would never be capable of that. Does it take a different mindset? Do they actually love more than one person, or do they love one person and have sexual relationships with others? For some reason this really fascinates me. But then again, most things I don’t fully understand usually do.

Disclaimer: I’m terrible at wording things. I really don’t mean to offend anyone. If anyone would like to correct me feel free. My attempts at being PC can be pretty bad at times. Sorry.

Happy New Year! (Also, conditional clips, send help.)

Happy New Year, fellow Fives!

I said “Fuck it” to seeing anyone on the holiday because it’s been a hard year, and I just needed to… let it slip away. So I put on my shoes at at 11:30PM, I hit the pavement. Watched the fireworks over the city as I ran, and brought in the New Year with a run that was… not my best, but it was a run and it was exactly how I wanted to start.

And can someone, pleasepleaseplease, help me out with a few questions about radio mode conditional clips? I’m in Season 2 right now and:

1) The holiday clips. I know they exist. Are they only in the most current season, or should they exist when I’m running season 2? Because I ran on Halloween, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and was cruisin’ along in Radio Mode on the 1st, and nada related to the holidays. I see the clips on my dashboard and I waaaaaant. 

2) So, that Most Depressing Clip Ever? That one. What’s the actual title of it? I’m not sure if I’ve heard it in-game already or not, because sometimes I mix up what I’ve listened to “for real” and what I’ve just clicked on tumblr, and I just blew up my base to see if I’d get anything new and I want to check if I already got it awhile ago and forgot. I am possibly evil and spend a lot of time with my base in semi-shambles, because I am a jerk, so it may well have happened.

3) Why do my phone and ZR apparently not agree what time it is?

okay, i need help with photo storage and i don’t know what the hell to do

my iphoto library is 120 gb and murdering my computer

i don’t mind deleting photos that i don’t need access to often because the entire thing is backed up on an external hard drive, but then, every time i want to back up new photos, i will either have to overwrite the whole iphoto library (thus erasing the deleted photos that are backed up) or make a second copy of the whole new library, thus ineffectively eating up many external hard drives with lots of copies of slightly different libraries

what am i missing, what do i do


Existentialism for d’ kids.


The Crisis in Syria


Reddit is now producing video content in a partnership with YouTube.

If one more person tells me that “content is king” I’m going to drop kick them in the mouth. Jokes. But seriously, we get it.

"Most people view Reddit as an aggregated source of videos, but the online community is experimenting with web programming by releasing an original video series called ‘Explain Like I’m Five.’ The three episodes draw inspiration from the subreddit of the same name, where users discuss complex political and social issues in a simplified manner.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the series, which is funded by YouTube, aims to encourage users to create web video based on Reddit content. More original programming inspired by other subreddits could be produced in the future.”

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What I Would Have Said

"Are you a boy or a girl?" the children had asked me.

And there are so many things I would have loved to say, both to the children, and to so many adults.  

Half-jokingly, I would have loved to say, “Most of the time, I’m a woman.  But sometimes I’m a guy.”  

But seriously:

Having some certain type of body doesn’t mean you have to be some certain way.  But a lot of people like to say that if someone is born with a certain type of body, then they can only be some specific way.  But that’s not true at all! 

Often, people feel hurt by the way other people tell them they’re not allowed to be the way they want to be.  Can you imagine if someone said you’re not allowed to like your favourite colour, to like your favourite sport, or to like your favourite food?  I know I would think that was unfair. 

When people say “man” or “woman”, or “boy” or “girl”, it means something very particular.  To some people, “being a man” has a very specific meaning, about how that person should act and look and think.  And “being a woman" can mean something different from "being a lady”. 

Some people think that the only thing “being a man” means is to have a certain type of body.  But what about people who feel like “being a man” but don’t have a body exactly like that certain type?  What if it’s a little different?  What if it’s a lot different?  Is that person still allowed to feel like “being a man”? 

How about beauty?  What does “beauty” look like?  Are there other ways to be beautiful?  Are people allowed to be beautiful only one way, or more than one way?  How about this one: Can you think of a time you thought something was beautiful, and then somebody disagreed?  Or when somebody thought something was beautiful and then you disagreed?  

People like to use a name to categorise other people who seem to be similar.  This is known as stereotyping.  Can you think of some stereotypes?  And can you think of times when they’re not true?  

People like to use stereotypes because they’re easy.  But because they’re easy, they get in the way of learning new things about the world, and about other people.  If it’s easy to think that some people are all one way, then we feel we don’t need to learn anything else about them.  I think more people would get along if we could take the time to learn more about each other.  What do you think?


Explain Like I’m Five: The Crisis in Syria



Reddit debuts “Explain Like I’m Five” web mini-series, starring Michael Kayne, Langan Kingsley, and real five-year-olds.


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