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  {♋}  The male comes out of an alleyway  he looked like he definitely had god roughed up, or did some of the roughing. Blood down his lip, and a slight bruise upon his pale skin. He holds up a quick finger urging anyone to not ask questions. 

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This time he had decided not to have his daily tea. Not because he didn’t want to but more because he had ran out of. He sighed but decided to turn his fully attention to his new guest. 


        can you hear that little bell
   coming closer
                      C L O S E R - - ?

      ✁ - - The patient was positively furious. Anger sent his blood boiling through his veins, searing him inside and making feel every breath coming out of his mouth like a hot cloud. As for the reason of his horrible mood, it was his new-found hobby— the one that was turning into an addiction. A very tedious one, on top of that. His inner state didn’t affect his appearance, however, a bright smile perfectly covering whatever intentions slid through his mind. “Why, hello.~”