So I decided to conduct an experiment. With this experiment I would post a selfie and not say anything bad about myself. I then posted another selfie where I said I wasn’t pretty and would disagree if people said otherwise. (I am self confident and don’t believe any of the things I said in that) But the results I got were with the selfie I showed self confidence with, it would barely get any notes and no one would say anything. Now when I posted the selfie saying I was ugly then it got tons of notes very quickly, with tons of people telling me I’m pretty and receiving many messages too.
I’ve seen that in many instances.
Just because someone is self confidant doesn’t mean that they don’t like when they get compliments. It actually is what can help keep their self confidence. And it’s great that you let people know they are when they say they’re not, but just remember, it doesn’t hurt to tell people who think they are. It still means a lot.

What I also noticed is when someone said they weren’t pretty they’d get a lot of anon hate and messages telling them to stop it and just say thank you or that they are attention seeking. That’s not helping anything and I don’t get why people think it would. Seriously don’t do that. You’ll make it even worse.

"Some call the alternative world a fantasy or an illusion; still it is hardly any different from our shared physical reality. Both are created from thought and both exist only in our minds."

― John Magnus
Astral Projection And the Nature of Reality: Exploring the Out-of-body State

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Fluorescent fireworks or otherworldly hovercraft? Flower hat jellies defy definition. This nocturnal species drifts in the dark and attaches to the seafloor as the sun shines. Their dazzling bells attract curious fish, while curly tentacles ensnare prey. Thanks to Instagrammer @sandman617 for this vivid video!

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For everyone who has inquired recently (again, I am always overwhelmed and grateful for all the notes, messages, and interest in my work, thank you all so much!) — Elements flashcards are back in the shop!


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