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Introducing TIIF021: Dalot & M.Cadoo - Phantom Strains

For our 21st release, we welcome back Dalot, aka sound artist Maria Papadomanolaki, and also welcome M.Cadoo, aka American drone musician and head of the n5MD label, Mike Cadoo.

‘Phantom Strains’ will be a download only, pay-what-you-want split single between the two, with each artist taking one track. It will be available from the TIIF Bandcamp, as well as the Dalot one, from June 15th.

‘Exit Zones’ from Dalot is a seventeen minute mesmeric crawl through the deepest, darkest tones of analogue synthesisers, and ‘Teres Major’ from M.Cadoo is a brutal yet beautiful drone piece, twisting from glacial elegy to crushing heavyness.

It’s been over a year since I first discovered a trio from the UK named Kins and their self titled debut album. Kins spent most of 2014 on the road, including playing SXSW, supporting Courtney Barnett on tour, headlining their own shows, and playing multiple festivals. They’re back today with their heady, artsy brand of unique sound on new single Young, a first riveting taste off their forthcoming EP, Cyclical, out July 6th on East City Records. Young is bold, dizzying, and lush, carrying both rock and electronic elements in heavy doses. Kins reminded me of a more psychedelic and atmospheric Alt-J on some of last year’s material, and some of that is still apparent on driving, fervent, and rocking Young.

When composer Philip Glass started performing his own music, a lot of people didn’t know what to make of it. Some people thought it sounded like the needle of a record was stuck in a groove, repeating over and over again. Some people thought it was simplistic. Some thought it was a joke, some even became violent:

“This was in Amsterdam and I played a piece called “Two Pages.” And I guess it could drive you crazy a little bit — it only had five notes in it, but it was five notes in a lot of different ways, and I thought it was interesting. This was about 1971 and the idea of music that was so, let’s say, consciously or steadfastly repetitive was not so common then.

And someone jumped on the stage and began banging on the piano and, without thinking about it, I stood up and I punched him on the jaw or something, just like the comic books, and he fell off the stage. People came afterwards to say hello and the fellow was there and he said, “And now we have the discussion,” and I said, “No. We had the discussion, thank you.” And that was it. … I think he thought that I was making fun of him. … When [artist Jackson] Pollock first began doing his drip paintings, people thought he was making fun of them. … Why would you go all the way to Amsterdam just to make a fool of yourself in front of other people? I mean, or to make fools of them?”

Pigeon Spirits 

One of my first photographs which got published in natgeoyourshot Daily Dozen was made in Jaipur, India. A hub for tourists all around the world, famous for its ancient history and beautiful forts. There was this place in the old city of Jaipur where local people feed grains in large amount to the birds and hundreds of Pigeons come and eat. It was magical when those pigeons flew over me. I already knew what I wanted to capture and waited for the birds to take a flight and captured this long exposure moment.

Photo by : Siddharth Setia
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An image i’ve made for a mini-comic story that will be part of the collective comic book “Franky (et Nicole) 3″ (which will be published on june 19th by Les Requins Marteaux). The original drawing and many other exclusive ones will be on show in Paris at the gallery Arts Factory / Bastille from june the 3d until the 30th of july during a collective exhibition together with Arnaud Loumeau and Fräneck :