Oh Hugh Laurie, such an amazing, talented human being. I’m glad we have people like him on Earth. 

The gun seller is fast-paced, extremely witty, and funny, and full of twists, and well-written, too. Not my type, usually, but he wrote it, so … yeah. 

(on the table there’s The gun seller and the lovely Book of longing by Leonard Cohen, and that’s the concert, Fischer’s, love, music and all that jazz)

I’ve found this book absolutely lovely: with her simple, concise style, Agatha Christie struck again! The humour and turns of the situations were great, but, for some reason, I’ve been suspecting the killer and reason from the very first 100 pages, I think. It didn’t make it any less exciting, because I didn’t know how the murder was done and I wasn’t sure, anyway. Good for practicing French, too.