TC ha2 purple blood and TZ’2 ii2 teal but ii wa2 iin the dark for very long tiime about KK’2 blood colour

iit wa2nt untiil ii wa2 completely iinfatuated wiith hiim that ii learned what iit wa2, and by that poiint ii diidnt really care

he cut hii2 hand on 2omethiing iin gamzee2 hiive and when ii went two a22e2 the 2liice ii got hii2 blood on my palm.

iive never 2een anyone 2o 2cared of me iin my entiire liife than he wa2 iin that moment

man i went to duPont Manual (Math Science Technology) program and really stopped caring about standing out much academically just because it was impossible for me to keep up w/ people who’ve had political background all their life or who had like scientist parents or like, actual money to get resources to conduct good science fair projects and so on. 

i like UoL a lot more because there’s so much less competitiveness to be the best, its nice to be able to to like focus on what i wanna focus on without having to worry about how constantly competitive everything is. 

anonymous said:

jee, ii wa2n't expectiing thii2 from you. actually, ii gue22 ii thought wrong, then. certaiinly, you were the better man. karma miight have done thii2. doom ii2 not my fate, however. an iimpo22iible iidea. really, nothing wiill change. because ii know not to bother you. yeah, no ii don't.


anonymous said:

concupiscent quads

the poiint of me an2weriing liike that whiich you 2o deliightfully mii22ed good job ii2 that ii have quad2 ii’m thriilled two fuckiing death two have. why the 2hiit would ii want two piine over per2onaliity traiit2 they don’t have when they’re briilliiant a2 ii2? 2iince ii fell for them a2 ii2??

and iin ca2e you can’t fiigure out what that mean2: my iideal partner2 are the one2 ii have. they keep me 2afe and challenged and loved and my chiin up. ii fell for them becau2e ii liike who they are and what they have two offer.