Ok I am making a post about this knowing that its going to get me a lot of hate and make people mad but this issue needs to be addressed.

Recently a graphic maker named urberville or known as exology made a Sulli graphic that looked similar to luhandeiz graphic, she got hate for it basically being called unoriginal. When luhandeiz graphic is arguably similar to keemjiwon’s graphic and keemjiwon’s is based on this one.

What I don’t think certain people realise is the graphic makers, even I myself appropriate other peoples content all the time. We see something and “were like hey that’s cool, I might make something similar next time”. There is nothing wrong with it. We gather inspiration and ideas from other people and use it to make our graphics better. The world doesn’t operate in vacuum; I think originality is some contestable ideal, that may or may not exist. I could give you a list right now of several, including popular graphic makers whose graphics look similar to each other. I could give you long list of my own graphics where I have used other peoples ideas and added something to it. There is nothing wrong with it.

Think of it in terms of writers, there a similar plotlines all the time constantly recycled but its the way they are told that makes them different. Same thing applies to graphics, we borrow concepts and ideas from other people and the way we present them is inherently different.

I am not making this post to shame people, especially the above mentioned graphic makers, because although all the graphics mentioned look similar THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. They all have characteristics that set them apart from one another.

So think twice before you go sending hate to other people telling them they are unoriginal. If they are directly copying another graphic makers work without points of difference, than in my opinion thats bad. But if you a merely borrowing concepts, than some of ya’ll need to build a bridge and get over it.


Texto interessante: Exology of the City

"How to think the infinity of the city, where all is fire and shadow? How could we hope to see into its opaque and terrible darkness; or hope to enjoy a view unblinded by its brilliant light? A city explodes into a world; perhaps under the tension of this polar opposition — fragments under the weight of its multiplicity — becomes a cosmos, all streams of flowing light and immense structuring voids…"

Ver mais em: Fractal Ontology

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Perfect Husband Material: Xiumin *the Prodigy Traits ver
“Man Beyond the Clarity Husband Material” + sometimes you’ll get bonus Unicorn and Deer

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grit your teeths and get ready to feel the Best Quality of the Ultimate Baozi Meat ( /… )

Ps: at last….sorry guys…being hospitalized make all my schedule piled up


nUNFtrition Class K ver
EXO Poisonous Apple
“the Rare Apples that only found and growth on the EXO Planet Soil that contains poisonous chemicals for your health and your sanity”

EXOLOGY CLASS  “Let ‘s Learn all About EXO”
Which one is your “poison”


Perfect Husband Material: Baekhyun *Superstar ver
Enjoy the brightness of the star on your climax with him + fully packaging with on/off light switch

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Bacon for breakfast, lunch, tea time and dinner …maybe midnight snack too?

Ps: and now I just aware how attractive this child..damn..why I must focusing on the 3 naggy maknaes before….