Teasing Exo when they’re busy

Hi, could you please do how exo would react to their gf (you) trying to get their attention when they are busy doing something, but in a sexual way? E.g. Strip tease, touching yourself, sexy dance, just by teasing I guess. Ahaha sorry, you have horny anon here ☺️

Well here you go my dear! I hope you like my horny anon ;)

(I think I love the idea of teasing Exo tooooo much x_x)


Suho: He would try his very best to ignore you but the exo members are so much easier to ignore than you. When you start stripping in front of him he won’t be able to help himself. I see him growling and lifting you up bridal style and carrying you to the bedroom.

Baekhyun: he would think about how annoying you are and how you must have gotten that from him. Every time you start touching yourself he would have to use every ounce of willpower to stop himself. In the end he will realise he just can’t help himself and give in to you.

Chanyeol: he is really going to love a strip show and that is all he will need. He is going to be so distracted now and no matter what you do it is only a matter of time before he moans really loudly and chases you to bed. 

D.O: he will give you that look to stop because you are getting him horny and he needs to focus. When you start touching yourself and moaning his name he is going to lose it and angrily stomp over to you and pin you against a wall. He will probably just have you then and there-yes on the wall.

Kai: When you start dancing really sexy in front of him is when he is going to smirk to himself because somehow you got him really horny. dance would be such a turn on for him. he would not be able to hold it in as long as his hyungs and end up grabbing your hand and pushing you onto the bed.

Sehun: Activate horny Sehun in 0.23 seconds. When you start to dance in a sexy way whilst stripping he will lose his shit and train of focus. he is going to try so hard but still give up the quickest of exo. When he can’t take it he is going to look you in the eyes and say “You need a hand taking off those panties baby?” he will smirk and proceed to take your clothes off with you ;)

Xiumin: When you start kissing him around his neck and slightly sucking on his neck he is going to try and ignore you so badly. This he can handle but when you start to touch yourself is when he loses it. being your daddy he just can’t handle you pleasuring yourself and will tell you to stop right now or daddy will punish you. When you don’t stop he is going to sigh and pick you up and flip you over his shoulders and smack your butt as he carries you to the bedroom with you giggling like a school girl. “You think that’s funny princess?”

Lay: Dance would be his weakness so when you start grinding against the furniture and for lack of a better work slut drop he is going to start breathing heavily. You have to admit a turned on Yixing is so fuckin hot tho. When you start running your hands over him as you sing to the sexy song and then continue your sexy dance he will go crazy but hold it in. Finally when you start to strip and whisper his name he will stop what he is doing and pull you into the bedroom pinning you under him.

Chen: he is going to laugh because he is so fucking turned on but is still busy. When you try all different methods of teasing him and nothing works you will walk out in a new set of lingerie and call his name. he won’t be able to resist. He is going to bit his lip and throw down his pen and chase you into the bedroom and out of that underwear.

Tao: This kid has zero will power and no matter what you do it is going to turn him on. He is going to let you know to. he will whine and beg you to put some clothes on. poor baby won’t be able to help it. When you start touching yourself or stripping or anything he is going to stomp over to you and pick you up and carry you to the bed telling you how naughty you have been ;)

EXO reaction to you asking them to kiss you.

Xiumin: Okay. Here it comes.

Luhan: OKAY!

Kris: Let’s do this bb.

Suho: I have been waiting for you to ask for the past year! 

Lay: You finally read my mind.

Lay: Are you some kind of angel?

Baekhyun: I’ve been waiting for this moment. BTW I heard beautiful people are great kissers. 

Baekhyun: I was talking about me.

Chen: *doesn’t believe his dream is finally coming true.*

Chanyeol: You’re going to experience the best kiss you had in your entire life.

DO: YAAASSSS! I have been waiting for this moment to arrive.

Tao: Get prepared to be kissed by the most handsome man in the world.

Kai: *to the members* I just kissed y/n.

Sehun: *gif*

None of the gifs you seen are made by me. I do not own any of these gifs. 

Exo reaction to you having a choking kink

Can you please do a reaction of exo finding out that you like to be choked in bed? Thanks! Love your blog.

Thanks ^v^ here you go!


Suho: You listen to daddy and I’ll take your breath away ;) He would love it because he can be that little bit more dominant in bed with you. This would give him a new sense of force and power over you and he would love it so much!

Baekhyun: Your fucking with me right? he would think you were joking because here he was thinking you were innocent lol. he would secretly like it but not until he was 100% you are serious and want it. 

Chanyeol: AHHHH~ okay!! Really quite hesitant to begin with but would want to do anything to please his baby :) He is willing to try it a few times to test it out if he likes it himself. 

D.O: *pretends not to be turned on* He would pretend that he doesn’t care but god this would be one of his kinks as well. He won’t say yes straight out just to tease you but that night he will comply with your requests and his desires. 

Kai: Are you serious jagi?? He would be quite surprised but wouldn’t care really but it would turn him on how much you like it and so he would be down. 

Sehun: I knew you would… *sexy smirk* Cocky shit would pretend he had already guessed you would like it. I feel like Sehun would really like this too. Just imagine him gripping your neck so you can just breathe as he fucks you hard against the bed board with you moaning against his tight hands. Oh dear.

Xiumin: Do you have any idea how many hints I dropped for us to get here?? he would really be down for this and give him another sense of power over you (like Suho). He would love controlling you from his hands and forcing you around by your neck. 

Lay: What… You wanna start right now? Yixing would be surprisingly down for this. Keep in mind he would only go light on you but it’s enough when it’s Lay right? He would actually like seeing you in a state where he has so much control of everything even your breath. 

Chen: Fuck yesssss baby~~~ He would like it a lot in a different way to the rest of the boys. he would love how he can feel every moan and every breath. How his name sounds as it vibrates against your neck. He would love seeing you under his control.

Tao: My princess is kinky!!!!! Needless to say he would love it. No but imagine Tao tieing you up to bed and then wrapping a strong hand around your neck and then spreading your legs open as he pounds into you with such force and power you have to scream out daddy. this only makes him push himself even further into you as the bed rocks and the boards creak. He calls you dirty names as he fills you up. (I need some water)

(EXO's Sehun) Mafia!AU x ArrangedMarriage!AU: When someone leaks your pregnancy.

You and Sehun has been married for a year and your honeymoon has lasted exactly one year. It officially lasted 2 months but it felt like a year with the way Sehun couldn’t keep his hands off of you.

Every night, you prepped yourself because you didn’t know if he would make a pass or not and every night, he did.

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