100일 축하해 EXO :) 
8th April 2012 until 16th July 2012. 

Wow. It’s already 100 days?
To 12 of you, it will be as if you’re living the dream right?
Yes. You are indeed :)
and do believe that you already make your way to my poor fangirl heart. 

Can I just say that…. In 100 days of your debut,
not even one days you guys didn’t make me smile like an idiot by myself?
Knowing 12 of you guys, give me the new kind of excitement.
It is as if I’m falling in love again <3

TBH, in this 100 days, I still didn’t know much about you guys.
But do know that I will always be here for 12 of you.
I’m just glad that I’m one of the luckiest people,
who were there for you from day of Teaser 1 released :)
And hopefully I will be there for 12 of you till the end. 

Kris Wu & Kim Joonmyeon;
I love you guys :) 
You both, are the best leader that EXO can get.
Guide the other 10 as best as you can :)
Duizhang and Grandpa Suho FIGHTING!! <3 

Kim Jongdae, Do Kyungsoo, Byun Baekhyun;
3 people whom I know have the mind-blowing orgasmic voices in EXO.
Heavenly voices of yours makes people think twice that,
EXO only consists of pretty flower boys :) 
Keep all of us in awe again for the next album ok?

Kim Jongin & Zhang Yixing;
You guys never…ever failed to amazed me with the way you both dance.
It’s different. Let just say, I never see anyone danced like that :)
But still, take care of your health to both of you!
I know practice is important but don’t overworked yourself too much please?

Park Chanyeol, Kim Minseok & Luhan;
My happy pill, my fave baozi in this world and the cutest Chinese ullzang!
Chanyeol, whenever I had a hard time, I will always remember what you said :)
To my chingu, Baozi and Luhan, it still mind-fuck to me…
How on earth you guys both… are actually same age as me ._____. 

Oh Sehun & Huang Zitao;
The cutest, the sexiest & the badass maknae line that we could ever asked for.
Thehuna, despite whatever people said, we love you for what you are ok?
and Tao, stop being a person that I need to punch everytime I saw your face!!!
kekeke….. I love you both with all my heart <3

Today, it is officially marked 100 days of your debuts.
As of now, just take step by step and living the dream :)
Cherish the moment, appreciate your mistake and learn from it. 
Along the way, you will experience rollercoaster ride of emotions. 
Happiness, sad, frustration, joyful… I mean everything.

At the end of the day, just remember; despite all your hardship,
there will be us to cheer for you and give your strength to endure all that. 
I swear, each and every one of us, EXO fans;
will smile if 12 of you are smiling and will cry if 12 of you are crying.  
We will experience it together ok? All the joy and tears. (Happy tears I hope!)

So, to the 12 guys that ruined my fangirl life this year;
All the best and good luck in future undertaken together. 
Your journey is a long way to go.
Let’s make a wonderful and meaningful HISTORY together :) 

Hopefully we can be together for;
1000 days, 10000 days, 100000 days and many more with EXO!!!
I love 12 of you. I love EXO. I LOVE EXO M AND EXO K.
With all my poor fangirl heart ;) 

Happy Birthday Lu Han!! hmmm What should I say…

First, I don’t think I have the same feeling I had for you two monts ago, because let’s be honest, I really thought that you only were another pretty face to complete the rest of the group. But you’re not just a pretty face, and it became plainly hard to deny your cuteness together with you voice, your dance skills and your adorable habits (see thigh-touching and whispering)… Two months ago I would never had thought of liking EXO and above all, liking you, but you became one of the reason why I like love EXO rn :’)

I hope you’ll be happy, not just today, but for all the days to come, with your juniors, geges and of course, your family ^^

I have finally bought Exodus album. Actually, dahil umalis si Luhan, hindi ko na alam kaninong version bibilhin ko. Hahahaha kase naman Ultimate bias si Lulu tapos next is yung 11 na so ayan nahirapan tuloy ako. Chos hahahaha so ayun pumunta akong CNA kanina. Grabe nung magbabayad na ako, 500 lang nasa wallet ko so pumunta pa akong SM Mnl para magwithdraw. Grabe pagod na pagod na ako tapos tagatak pa pawis ko. Pero ays lang, worth it naman sa huli. Eto pa, version ni Jongin yung binili ko tapos poster ni Dyo nakuha ko. Random poster kase yung ibibigay. Hahahaha so eto naaaa. Omygaaad KaiSoo  💕 💕

songmin asked:

who would you say are your top 3 biases? and why? :3

hmm it changed a lot these days and i still don’t really know what to think about favourite bands and biases. But rn it’s


i can’t choose between those two. 

Kris: i didn’t really like him at first. Everybody was talking about the fact that he was gorgeous and manly and his rap skills were incredible and stuff. LMAO. I think the very first think that made me like him was his performance in MAMA MV, then just after i watched (in live ^^) the red carpet for Sina ceremony and I was woooow the man is freakin tall, and just so you know, i like love tall men. Then I heard about what happened during the show (cr: the fact that the MCs didn’t know that there were 4 chinese members in the band and Kris intervention about that) and I was  so impressed by his reaction … He’s very manly and from the fan accounts, he’s a really good leader. There’s something, idek what, in him that I really like, he’s the type of man i could fall in love with irl ^^

Chen: This guy is just too cute. I wasn’t really interrested in him (shame on me ik). His smile, his fucking smile, it’s like it won’t drop or something, i don’t really know what to think about it… Is it forced? Is it natural? and he looks so fucking innocent. I won’t forget to talk about his voice. His voice is the kind of voice I usually don’t like but it was like love at first sight. I just can’t explain and I do think he has the most beautiful voice from all EXO and I hopewe’ll get the chance to hear him sing EXO songs (whole songs pls ;AA;) soon … 


rn i don’t have a third bias i’m sorry, I’m really focused on chen and kris and the other exo members that are coming just behind them :)

but thanks for asking

Happy Sehun Day!! Thank you Oh Sehun, kung hindi dahil sayo, hindi ko makikilala Exo. I swear. Hindi ko malalaman na may Exo pala na nag-eexist. Thank you first bias. Hihi de kase nagbabasa ako sa wattpad nun tapos syempre mahilig silang maglagay ng picture ng imaginary character e nagkataon eto nakita ko. Shette love at first sight. Chos landi. De basta ayun, hindi ko pa alam pangalan niya kase picture lang nakalagay. Syempre buwis buhay na paghahanap yun. Hahahaha tapos nahanap ko na nga, sehun pala pangalan and member ng exo. Hays grabe. Tapos nakilala ko rin si Kris. Basta silang dalawa pa yun. So ayun, way back 2012 pa yun. We started from the bottom and now we’re here. Yiii exo exo exo saranghae  💕 💕 Happy birthday Oh Sehun. Thank you for bringing me to Exo. Keep shining my star  ✨

So pinagtatanggol ko Exo kanina sa Twitter. Chos lalo na si Tao, so ayun mejj nag lielow ako tapos naligo na. Habang naliligo ako, sabi ko kay Lord, “Lord, I can’t lose another member.” Basta ganun, nagdadasal na ako na sana hindi totoo yun kase syempre natatakot din ako. Dahil baka pag totoo yun, hindi ko na alam kung paano ko ihahandle yung sakit. Pero malaki yung tiwala ko sa Exo at kay Tao. Kaya ayun nagdasal ako, tapos nung nakabihis na ako, nagtwitter agad ako so ayun binalita nga na hindi raw totoo yung aalis si Tao. Grabe ang galing galing ni Lord. I love you Lord!  ☺

Exo Protection Squad

So diba nga may fan acc ako sa twitter tapos nakipag-away na ako dun. Chos hindi naman siya away, mejj parinigan lang, basta dinidefend ko na exo. Hahaha de kase ga, may rumor yung Chinese Media na aalis daw si Tao sa exo. Syempre ako, hindi ako naniwala not unless kung si Tao o yung exo mismo yung nagsabi. So ayun, yung ibang fans kase may doubts na ganun. Well hindi ko naman sila masisisi dun. Pati naman ako. The difference is, hindi ako nagdoubt, natakot lang ako na baka totoo! Ang kaso, mas malaki yung tiwala ko kesa sa doubt. I’m holding onto Exo’s words, sa lahat ng promise nila, sa mga times na sinabi nila na maniwala lang kami sa kanila, yun yung pinanghahawakan ko kaya never akong nagtweet na what if ganto ganyan. Hahaha so ayun sinasabi ko na yung mga sinabi ng Exo na hindi sila aalis. Na wala ng aalis, na maniwala at magtiwala lang kami sa kanila. So syempre, ginawa ko yun. Kase sabi ng exo sa vcr nila nung exoluxion, “We wont hurt you guys anymore”. Tapos, iniiencourage ko na yung iba ganun. Kaso ang sarap lang untugin nung mga ‘fans’ na nagsasabing poprotektahan daw nila exo tapos sila pa mismo yung magdadoubt ng sobra sobra. Basta inis na inis ako sa kanila pero di ko nalang pinansin. Ayun, buti naman nagpost agad SME na hindi raw totoo na aalis si Tao. WOOHOO MABUHAY MABUHAY I LOVE YOU EXO  🎉💕

Ang unfair lang. Same company, same entertainment tapos yung mga fans pa mismo nila yung mangbabash sa Exo. E ano kung magcoconcert Exo sa Tokyo Dome? Aba kung gawin mong big deal, kala mo naman makakapunta ka. Ha ha ha patawa ka beh

Sa kinatagal-tagal ko ng kpop fan, to think na nagsimula ako 2008 mga ganun, never pa akong nangbash ng idols, mapa-idols ko man yan or hindi, never pa talaga nangyari yun. And, ngayon, lagi nalang Exo binabash. It’s like EXO and Exo-Ls vs. the world. Idk why pero lahat na yata ng fandom nabash Exo to think na same company lang sila nung mga idols nila saka Exo. Hays. Kaurat nga e. Well ayun nga, never pa akong nangbash. Never pa akong naunang makipag-away sa mga fandoms. Kung makikipag-away man ako, I’m sure yung reason na yun e pinuprotektahan ko Exo. Hindi ko lang talaga alam kung bakit laging Exo pinupuntirya nila. Hindi naman nila kasalanan kung 3years pa lang sila e ang dami na nilang naachieve. Saka ano? “YOU ARE NOT THAT STRONG.”? ABAY NAGKAKATANGINAHAN LANG PALA TAYO RITO EH. HINDI PA BA KAMI MALAKAS SA KABILA NG PAG-ALIS NG DALAWANG MEMBERS TAPOS NANDITO PA RIN KAMI NAKAKAPIT SA EXO? NA KAHIT YUNG STYLIST MISMO NILA NAGSASABI NA HINDI NA KAYA NG EXO? “IT WAS THE FANS THAT STAYED WHEN EXO COULDN’T STAY TOGETHER IN THE END” ABAY PUTANGINA KAMO IKAW E. WALA KANG KARAPATANG MAGSALITA KASE ISANG MEMBER LANG NAWALA SA INYO, YUNG IBA NGA WALA PA E KAMI? 2 YEARS PA LANG SILA PERO DALAWA NA AGAD UMALIS TAPOS SASABIHIN MONG HINDI PA KAMI STRONG SA LAGAY NA YUN? ABA ISIP ISIP MUNA HOY SARAP MONG KURUTIN SA SINGIT GAMIT NAIL CUTTER



130119. I wasn’t really interested at you back then but you caught my heart the first time i saw you in that stage. I cant forget how I felt for you that time bc every time I look at you now, it still feels like the very first time. You’re such a pretty girl, dont you know that? And I was like, “how can a guy be so much prettier than any other girls?”. It feels so weird and awkward haha but i got used to it anyway

141010. The day you said you’re leaving Exo. I didnt cry when I first heard that you’re alr leaving the group but God knows how much it crushed my heart and my life. I feel so empty and I’m drowning in my own dosage of sadness bc you alr left the group. You’re my bias and you’re leaving the group that i love the most. It’s like Exo isn’t complete without you and yifan. And yes, it will never be complete without you both. 

You know what’s more painful? It’s the fact that you’re the one who wrote “Don’t go” and yet, you’re the one who left exo. You’re the one who wished for exo to be together forever but where are you now? I hated you for that. No, I was just angry at you, I can never hate you, you know. 

Tbh, I’m still hoping. Hoping for you and yifan to come back. Hoping for OT12 again. Hoping for Exo to be complete again. You see the new exo logo? It was an incomplete cube right? A cube without 2 corners, bc that is you and yifan. But I know, I’m just hurting myself by expecting for you two come back. My friend kept on telling me “As a fan, you can only wish for their happiness.” Yes. Indeed. I can never dictate you or whatever. It’s so hard and painful for me to accept Exo as OT10 now but you know how and why did I accept it? It was all because of you. 

As time passes by, you became more and more successful in your activities and projects in China. And when I look at you, you’re happy. I once told myself that “He’s happy now. He’s happy in what he is and where he is right now. I know it is so painful for him to leave Exo but look at him right now, he’s happy right? He’s successful and everything.” And God knows how much I want to see you happy in your life. That’s how I learn to let go of OT12. You’re already happy in whatever choices you made. So, whatever you do, wherever you go, I’ll always support you. I’ll never leave your side no matter what. I came to the point where when you do something bad, as in really really bad, I’d still go at your side and never leave. Even if the world may hate you, I’ll be the one to stay and say I love you. 

Words can’t describe how your eyes shine and how your smile makes my world feel like it’s not falling apart. I want to write words as attractive as you but I cant because words don’t exist that can describe how much you mean the world to me.

My message is too long alr. So, I wanna wish you a happy happy birthday! You always give your best for your fans but please please please dont forget about your health, aryt? I love you Lu-ge! Saranghaeyo, nan neukdeugo neonminyeo  🎂💕