EXOCASTLE are deciding to join the “CHEN CHEN GOES WORLDWIDE” collaboration project with EXOFanClub_SG, and other fanbases. 

How to join?

  • Choose a place/food you would like Chen to visit/taste in the future! (Preferably, from your country!) 
  • Please choose ONLY ONE - either a food or a place!
  • Find a picture and write a short introduction about it. (What is it and why you want chen to visit/taste)

The main goal of this special project is to show Chen how much he is loved worldwide! So if you have friends from other countries, do encourage them to join and we hope to show Chen our love!

We will collate and print it into a photobook for Chen Chen’s personal world booklet ^^

Please write the short introduction in English/Chinese/Korean

Please do not use online translators as they may not be accurate

Send them to sgexofanclub@gmail.com in the following format:

Email title:




Short Introduction:



Name: Tiffany

Country: Singapore

Food/Place: BBQ Chicken Wings

Short Introduction: I think Chen would love to try these because fried chicken is really popular in Korea! Singapore’s BBQ Chicken wings are as tasty and succulent and it’s really popular in Singapore! Basically, they grill the chicken marinated in BBQ sauce. Some of us eat it just like that, while others add lime juice and chilli for a tangy taste!

(Please attach the picture with your email)

Deadline: 25/8/13

Any question kindly mention us @EXOcastle or @EXOFanClub_SG ^^

For more detail CLICK HERE


Note: check the food places that had been submitted herbefore sending your email, so there won’t be any duplicate places ^^



[ANNOUNCEMENT] EXOcastle is hiring ! Join us now ^^

Hello everyone!

It’s been almost 2 years since EXOcastle established, as the time flows by we become older and bigger all thanks to everyone’s support. In accordance with that, we’ve matured and grown up. The more EXO gets famous, the more we become substantial; thus makes the necessity of providing updates and resources to spread the love of EXO couldn’t be overlooked as an easy task. With the current administration of our fanbase, I, as the founder as EXOCastle, along with the other staffs couldn’t manage to catch up everything about them 24/7 as we have to also handle our own life as human being. Therefore, we are opening an admission for those applicants want to join the family of EXOCastle as the position listed below:

1. Daily Updater


  • Must be 24/7 online so that you’ll be able to know if there are any updates about EXO anytime. Note: you don’t have to sit in front of your pc/laptop 24/7 but you have to at least check if there’s anything happening.
  • Must be updated about EXO’s upcoming schedules hence making you know their activities.
  • Fluent in English (preferably Korean / Chinese / Thai / Japanese)
  • Friendly
  • Currently not joining other fansites/fanbases.
  • Know the reliable sources to search for any information regarding EXO (ex: Korean blogs/sites, Baidu, Weibo, etc)

If you think you are match and able to carry all the requirements above, fill this form.

2. Translator

Requirements :

  • Fluent in all or one of these languages : Korean / Chinese / Japanese (preferably Korean or Chinese)
  • Fluent in English (preferably written, because translating articles into making it easy to understand)
  • Avoid using the translator device/sites (ex: google translator).
  • Know the reliable sources to search for any informations regarding EXO (ex: Korean blogs/sites, Baidu, Weibo, etc)

If you think you are match and able to carry all the requirements above, fill this form.

3. Project manager


  • Fluent in English.
  • Creative. Know what to do and how to handle your projects.
  • Have Korean connections or at least know who to contact in Korean language.
  • Preferably those with communication skills.

If you think you are match and able to carry all the requirements above, fill this form.

The deadline for the application is March 9th at 00.00 KST. You will receive a notification email from our staff once you sent the application form. To those passing the first round will be given an acceptance letter on March 9-10th. If you have any questions regarding the hiring event, please drop it on here.

Best Regards,



We are recruiting new admin(s) for Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. If you are dedicated, active, and love EXO you can join us.
Send your application now!

These following data must be included in your admin application ,such as:

Your name :
Twitter username :
You are from :
You are currently living in :
How many languages you are capable on :
Your first language :
You love EXO since :
Explain the reason why you want to join with us:
Estimated time you can online per days :
Tell us why we should choose you :
Can we trust you?
Your EXO sources :

Send your application to this email address : emailexocastle@gmail.com with subject ‘Admin Application’
Apply now! ^^