EXO's reaction when the see their girlfriends scene with another guy in her kdrama

lulusgull said: How would EXO react when they’re watching their girlfriends kdrama and a scene where her character and the male lead comes on?


Suho: “I can’t watch”




Lay: “wae?”


D.O: *starts thinking of a way to make him quietly disappear*


Chanyeol: *not impressed*


Xiumin: *to the guy*


Chen: *before watching it*


*after watching it*


Luhan: *jumps over everything to turn it off*


Yifan: “That is not ok”




 Sehun: *thinks to himself* It’s ok, you can get through this


Kai: That’s cool, i’ll just stand over here with my sexy self


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[Teaser/Preview] "Happy birthday, Kris." (THE LAST SURPRISE!)

So this is the last surprise I have for you guys! Although I’m on my hiatus, I have been planning this! This will be the same like how I did for “Happy birthday, Kai.” - this oneshot will be posted on Kris’s birthday; 6th of November! So this is the preview! This will be quite long [[9000 words.oops]]] (full story plot-ish, detailed smut (i hope not too bad) and the aftermath in which I love writing! The ending may be same as Kai’s because you know… I’m a sucker for sweet endings!

Here I present to you, the 400+ words preview! Along with the blurred picture! The clear one will be posted with the full oneshot ;) GET EXCITED! REMEMBER, IT IS ONLY GOING TO BE POSTED ON 6TH OF NOVEMBER! ♥



Your eyes widened at him, but appreciated his smile as he walked you towards the bedroom. “Patience, baobei.” He mumbled, kissing your lips as he put you down delicately on the bed. You kissed him back passionately as he hovered above you, his legs at the sides of your body. He decided to straddle on you this time, wanting to pry your clothes off but you stopped him, “Kris, wait.”

His eyebrows went up, “Hm?”

You smirked, making him lift his body off you so you could stand by the bed. You kicked the door shut, and walked around to stand at the end of the bed where the moonlight aided in showing your figure in the dark. The dim lights by the bed also helped his vision to see your body clearly. He gulped, laying on the bed with his body displayed for you. As much as you wanted to jump on him, you had to get this dress off, first. He supported his body with his arms, leaning up to see you better. You had a hand behind your back to pull the zipper down until you reached the end. Shaking your body a bit, the dress slowly slipped off your body, leaving you in the striking red lingerie that matched your dress perfectly. If he didn’t know, he would’ve thought this came in a set.

A very sexy set, that is.

He sighed, licking his lips as you crawled on him, “How did I get so lucky?”

You straddled on him, chuckling lightly as his hand cupped your cheek. You replied, “I don’t know,” Your hands made him lie down properly, his legs dangling off the bed, “You tell me.”

Your hands unbuttoned his white dress shirt as his blazer earlier was stripped off long ago. He closed his eyes, sighing as he lifted his body up just so you could remove his shirt off his body. You leaned down, pressing your body against his naked chest.

He threw his head back when you kissed the middle of his chest, “I tell you every day.”

You laughed, pulling his boxers down (his final clothing on his body) as you crawled lower on his body. It wasn’t long when he was bare, sitting up to see you on your knees to give him something he’s been wanting way before the dinner even started. “And I thank you for that.” You mumbled alluringly before your lips worked magic on his member. He groaned loudly, his hands already at the back of your head, “I think I should be thanking you for this, instead.”

Waking up beside Kai on your honeymoon

You woke as sunlight streamed into your eyes and a soft and gentle breeze was felt, with your legs entangled in your husband’s. You had to pinch yourself to believe that you were finally married now. To the man of your dreams. 

"Princess.." He murmured, eyes still shut, from under the light bed sheets. "How long do you intend to stare at me like that..?" 

Kai’s eyes flickered open and he instantly smirked as you blushed, burying your face into his chest. He gently tucked strands of your hair behind your ear and looked onto you with love. 

"I just can’t believe you’re mine.." You whispered, while glancing down at your beautiful ring. 

"I was yours from the moment I set eyes on you, princess." 

"Oh, please." You rolled your eyes at his cheesiness. 

"But it’s truth!" He pouted, before placing his pouted lips onto yours lovingly. 

You moaned into his kiss gently and surpressed a smile when he pressed you down against the pillows and buried you under the sheets while his lips were still on yours. 

"Now Mrs. Kim Jongin! Do you really want to spend the whole day in bed? How about you have some breakfast?" 

"How about I have you for breakfast?” You flipped yourself over so you were now straddling him. You then kissed his lips briefly before kissing down his neckline and onto his upper chest. 

"I love you so much.." It definitely wasn’t the first time you had heard him say those words, but you noticed how well he said them now, and how much he meant it. 

You gave him one more kiss before mumbling against his lips. “I love you too.” 

- Bom 



nine | when he gives up on everything, leaving your romance bitter-sweetly.

smile-yifan  fantastic-lucifer

pleaselightupmysky  fanniefanfan


Rain softly fell against the roof, house echoing and enunciating the deathly calm atmosphere of the house.  You curled up with a book once reading each page slowly and careful but now the words didn’t seem to register in your mind.  When he finally came home the relaxed aura of your home evaporated and was replaced by a tension that couldn’t even be cut with the sharpest of knives.  

You glanced over your book at the man beside you, far away from you sitting on the one man couch.  In his hands was a glass of wine; red bitter wine that contrasted with the sweet chocolate you had been eating only moments before. The sweet taste lingered on your tongue, but the whole situation was bittersweet.

Kris rounded the liquid in the glass, hand stilling to look at the woman he had come to love.  He looked at you, but he didn’t see you.  He couldn’t understand why you weren’t being reasonable and seeing things like he saw them.  You looked away from him, not being able to hold his strong gaze any longer.  You were tired of this entire situation and wanted it to end, however you both wanted two different things.

“How is the wine?  Is it still up to your standard?” you asked coyly, turning your attention back to the book in front of you.  The book was depressing you.  The woman in the novel had such a picturesque life.  Although she made a mistake, she was now happy and nursing that mistake that became a blessing.  How you wish you could have that happy, too perfect outcome.  But no, instead you’re sitting on the couch eating sweet chocolate while your lover is drinking that too bitter wine.

“It tastes wonderful, thank you for asking.  I can count on it not ever changing,” Kris said ruefully, bringing the glass up to his lips.  Those once desirable lips didn’t have the same effect on you anymore.  There was a time when a keen shudder would pass down your spine and a beautiful smile would crawl across your lips.  You came him a curt nod, tight smile pulling your lips into a thin line and flipping the page; leaving the previous one unread.

“Of course, yeobo,” the term of endearment sounded broken and flat.  It wasn’t the same like it was a few weeks ago when you would animatedly call him sweet terms and wrap your arm around his neck, planting gentle kisses all over his face.  Kris’s strong arms would wrap around your waist, tightening as your lips finally found his and you would pull away laughing. That sense of togetherness was long gone, apparent to the fact that he was no longer sitting beside you but far away from you instead.

“What are you trying to say, jagiya?” he asked, an almost mocking smile on his lips as the glass returned.  You shrugged, eyes glancing up towards him as you flipped the unread page again.

“Nothing, nothing at all.  If I needed to say something I would have said it,” you snarked and a humorless laugh passed through his mouth.

“No, I don’t think you would.  There seems to be a lot unsaid right now and you being a smartass isn’t going to solve anything.” You looked at him incredulously, laughing in broken breaths.  Disbelief colored your features and you huffed.  Rolling your eyes you picked up another piece of chocolate and placed in on your tongue.  Silence issued once again and you could feel his gaze burning into you.  You didn’t look at him, only savoring the sweet chocolate that melted against your tongue.

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Chanyeol - Hunt

Second scenario about Chanyeol! I’m so excited because it’s dedicated to my friend Pastel Sonyeo…again.. but…gurll you’re the best !! ^^ 

Chanyeol – Hunt

- Baby, leave me alone – you groaned pressing your face against the pillow.

It was one of the very few mornings when you truly could have a really good sleep. Unfortunately, your calmness was disturbed by overloaded with energy being in your boyfriend’s persona. You felt how his fingers were poking you in the back, legs and generally in every point of your body that touching you there would wake you up. This human was incredible. He always had to have what he wanted. The same was with capturing your heart. For a long time you were dismissing his offers to go with him on a date. Any even the best arguments couldn’t convince him to let go. Telling he was pigheaded would be huge understatement. After a few months of rejecting him you had enough. For the sake of peace you agreed to go out with him. You was going to the cafe with a view to chat, drink something and end the relationship once and for all. You weren’t conscious that this one meeting with him would be the best decision in your life. Time passed for you so nicely and fast that in the heart there appeared a strange pang of regret that you have to part with him. Who would have thought that Park Chanyeol, who you gave the hook for a countless number of times, would become your soulmate, who you fell in love with.

It’s almost four years since your first date and everyday you were thankful to God that you agreed to the date that changed your world. You were the happiest girl on the Earth with a such a wonderful boyfriend by your side. Okay, maybe not so wonderful…

- Channie, have a mercy on me – you snarled hiding your head under a duvet and trying not to pay attention to his teasing.

Unfortunately, as you said, Park was stubborn. If he couldn’t wake you with his little tortures he could do it much more pleasant way. His fingers began to wander on your bare arms and his hot breath enveloped your neck. You opened your eyes wide. Oh no! He wouldn’t go so far as to seduce you. You felt a sweet kiss behind the ear. Maybe he would do it… Wow, what a insatiable man! You sat up rapidly and pushed away his more and more intrusive hands.

- Yeol, I warn you – you mumbled

- And I seduce you - he replied with a laugh and before you had time to figure out what was going on, he pounced on you and shut your mouth with a passionate kiss.

Damn it! - you thought - he won again.


- What are the plans for today? - you asked sitting at the kitchen table, eating the breakfast prepared by Channie.

- Umm actually… I have a surprise for you – he replied

- Uh, really? – you were delighted. You loved surprises.

- We wanted to go fishing with Chen today - he said - so we decided to send our princesses for the day to SPA so that they can relax a little and rest when their men will hunt.

It got you a bit sad that you wouldn’t spend that day together but a visit in SPA was very tempting.

- You haven’t met with Eun Mi for so long so the ladies day together seems like something you both need right now

Right. The last time you’ve had a long chat was over a month ago and you started to miss your best friend.

- As you say, should I go beautify myself? - you ask pugnaciously – should I embellish this piece – you said gliding a finger along the leg - and this – you’ve indicated on the exposed belly - and this – you finished stretching lightly a neckline of your Tee.

- You better stop, cause you won’t go anywhere - the boy murmured, looking hungrily at your movements – in a moment I will shut you in the bedroom and take care of beautifying those pieces all by myself.

You stuck out your tongue at him and finished breakfast occasionally biting your lip coquettishly.

- Yah! _____! – he shouted

- Okay, okay I’m not doing anything – you laughed seeing his serious face – I’m going cause what if you’ll go at me, you’re such a wolf…

- Be careful what you ask for – he grunted and focused all his willpower on a cup of tea which he was holding in his hands.

You liked to tease him like that. He looked so sexy when he saw how you were trying to hook hip up. What? If he could, why you couldn’t?!

It was a sunny, warm summer day. Perfect to put your latest purchase - the blue, airy dress. It cost a fortune but you fell in love with it ​​at the first sight, telling yourself that for a few months you can eat plaster of the walls. You had to have it. When it comes to acquiring clothes, you were just as stubborn as your prince. You came downstairs and called your boyfriend. You wanted to make sure that the entire outfit match together and looks good on you.

- And? – You turned around presenting yourself in the whole glory – do I look pretty?

Yeolli just gaped in astonishment. He was shocked at how someone so lovely could be dating him…

- You look… um… just… just… wooow - he stammered out in the end.

- You think? I like it too!

- You’re not going anywhere. I’ll call Chen, cancel fishing and will be sitting here, on the couch and stare at you all day - he announced leaning back comfortably.

- Pabo - you smiled up - you aren’t calling anywhere, you have to hunt to get something to eat for your woman and I’m going to embellish myself if it’s even possible to be prettier – you added modestly.

-Ehh… well ok - he sighed sadly but a moment later he stood up and kissed you lightly on the cheek - have fun honey, see you later!

- Bye, my werewolf - you have sent him a fly kiss and walked out of the house.

You got in the car and moved towards the house of his friend. You didn’t live far away from each other but you were so busy that it was hard to find the time even for a coffee. A few minutes later you parked in front of a lovely, surrounded by a small garden building. You got out of the car, greeted neighbours living next to your friends and knocked on the door. You heard a quiet shuffling and saw a dishevelled Chen.

- Oooh whom are my eyes seeing? - he smiled – hello ____! Dozens of years!

- Hello, Mr Kim – you smiled back - is Eun Mi home?

- I’m coming! Wait a minute! – You heard a voice from the depths of your friend’s house.

- How’s there, are you ready to go fishing? – you asked.

- Fishing? – He raised his eyebrows - what fishing?

- Well, you’re going with Chan fishing later – you replied confused.

- Aaaah fishing! Sorry, we called it hunting so at the beginning I didn’t understand what you mean - he laughed nervously.

- Just don’t drown, my fisherman - said Eun Mi coming to you and gently nudging her fiance in the ribs - and take a hat so you didn’t get a sunstroke. The sun is extremely strong today. Ok, we’re going baby. Greet Channie, it’s centuries since I have seen him.

You went to the car and Dae waved a good-bye to you.

- Ahh, the day spent being pampered - your friend sighed leaning back in her seat - we have so much to talk about!

- Don’t say anything, there always was something that was on a way to meet – you answered - I am glad that the boys organized it, in the end we can gossip!

Half an hour later you were at the SPA building. You approached the receptionist and gave her their names. She took you into the locker room and handed two fluffy white bathrobes saying that soon someone will come and take care of you. You have barely get the chance to change when another worker came with a smile and led you into a small room in which there were two massage tables.

- Ahh Yeolie, I love you – you sighed and laid on one of the tables. Two workers for over an hour pampered every inch of your body. You thought you have never felt so relaxed. It was the best feeling in the world.

- _____ - Eun Mi murmured - Can I have a small request to you?

- Sure, whatever you want - you replied sleepily.

- Me and Chen… we decided to finally get married, two years of courtship is probably enough… And here’s my question. Would you like to be my maid of honour? – she asked.

You looked at your friend and smiled broadly - Seriously? That’s wonderful! Sure, I will! Oh I can’t wait! – you exclaimed.

You cherished their happiness with all your heart. Probably no one was so perfect definition of “two halves of an apple” as your friends. They matched each other in every way and the marriage would only be the culmination of their wonderful relationship.
For the rest of the day more people were involved in the caring of your bodies. Medical masks, baths, massages and other treatments have made your body crazy. When you were leaving the building you really felt much more beautiful and so wonderfully relaxed.

- We have to do it again. It was so wonderful - sighed Eun Mi.

- Yes we need! At least once a month! I don’t know how we stand it for so many years without SPA – your friend answered.

It was already dark when you stopped at the brides’ house driveway. Hearing the car Chen came out on the porch and greeted you with hands waving like crazy. You both burst out laughing at the sight of what he was wearing. Green fishing hat, hawaiian shirt and short pants. As a true fisherman.

- Did you like it? – he asked – did you rest a little bit?

- It was wonderful! – you have answered - Well I’ll get going now to see how my hunter feels. See you around! – you pecked your friend on the cheek and hugged Dae - fisherman.

You got in the car and went toward your house. You liked this day but you couldn’t wait to cuddle up to Chanyeol and tell him about all the pleasures of you experienced. You parked, got off the car and opened the front door. As you got in immediately hit you a slight odour of wax and roses. You walked into the hall and in front of your eyes there appeared a path made ​​of white candles and red flower petals.

- Baby I got back! - You called and intrigued went along the romantic lane that led to the living room.

In front of your eyes there appeared even more candles, more roses. On a small table was a bucket of ice, which was cooling the champagne and two glasses. And next to the table… stood Chanyeol. Dressed in a dark suit looked so sexy that you had to stop yourself not to sigh with delight. The boy came to you with a wonderful smile, wandering on his full lips, took your hand and knelt.

You were expecting everything, but not this. You opened your eyes wide in surprise.

- Channi… what are you…

- Shh… Be quiet and listen - he muttered - ____, I love you. I love you more than anything in this world. You are my happiness, my soul and I am asking you to be also the companion of my life for the rest of my days. Will you do me a honour of becoming my wife?

You looked at him dumbfounded. You looked at that man sure of his words and his eyes filled with love. He was the love of your life who you wanted to be with until the world ends.

- Yes – you whispered feeling the tears of happiness are flowing down your cheeks - God, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course I will!

The boy slipped the ring on your finger and you hugged him with all of your body and burst out crying completely.

- I thought you were going to hunt and not to sit at home and plan an engagement party – you said loosening the grip and wiping still flowing tears.

- But I hunted - he replied with a grin – I was hunting for your heart and as you can see I caught it.

You laughed and again hugged your hunter. You had to call Eun Mi, you needed a bridesmaid. But in the morning when you show your fiancé how this day embellished your body…


I’m sorry guys but Chen is my Bias so… I had to… 




Chen - the Fisherman <3 

I Got Bored...And This Happened~

So I wrote this on the way home on the bus after school today so forgive me if it’s shit~

"Yixing! I’m home!" You sang out as you closed and locked the apartment door behind you.
You continued to take a few more steps into the hall before stopping. “Yixing?” You called out again. No answer. You frowned. Maybe he was still at training. You dropped your bag and keys onto the kitchen bench before flopping onto the couch, attempting to rest before cooking dinner. You closed your eyes for a split second before a sudden click of your shared bedroom door closing caused them to snap them open again.
You got up from your spot and slowly crept towards the noise, suddenly feeling very nervous.
Hesitating, you quietly knocked on the door. “Yixing, is that you?” You whispered, slightly shaking now.
You heard a sudden scuffling sound behind the door, and a small yelp. Your eyes dilated in fear. That was your boyfriends voice, but you had never heard Yixing make a sound like that before.
Absolutely terrified, you grabbed the door handle and yanked at it, but it was locked. You banged your fists on the door crying out for him.
“Yixing! Yixing-ah! What’s happening?”
On the other side of the door, Yixing could hear you. He flailed about frantically, sliding off the ropes that tied his arms together.
Tearing off the tape on his mouth, and ignoring the burning feeling on his lips, he scrambled to the door, slamming and banging on it. “Jagiya! Run! Go! Leave here! Now! I love yo-“
His last warning cut off by a loud grunt, and almost immediately followed by the sound of Yixing’s body falling limply to the ground.
You were frozen in your spot. You couldn’t move. You were terrified. You felt shivers crawl up your spine as a cruel laugh sounded through the door. You stepped backwards, horrified at the thought of your boyfriend’s body laying in heap on the floor. You wanted to go to him, and make sure he was okay, but you couldn’t.
Thoughts of your boyfriend left you as the door in front of you creaked open, revealing a familiar face. A face you knew all to well.

Your own.

Your eyes opened to a dimly lit room. You sat up, sweating profusely and running out of breath. You looked around to see your boyfriend stirring beside you. His eyes fluttered open and looked up at you sleepily. Yawning, he sat up and looked at you worriedly.
“Jagiya…gwenchana?” He said slowly, sliding your hair behind your ear. You didn’t answer, but you didn’t need to. He pulled you gently into his arms and rested his chin on your head, while you cried into his bare chest.
“I was so scared Xing-ah.” You whispered, tears falling freely down your cheeks.
“Sshhh, Jagiya. Its okay. I’m here.” He reassured you while holding you tighter. He gently laid back down, still keeping you in his arms, and stroked your hair until you fell back asleep.

EXO as a host club.


 You: *Opens the door*  


Luhan: Yo yo yo! Welcome to the host club! Yo… 


 Kai: Did it just get hot in here?  


Baekhyun: *acts shy* Want some cake? 


Lay: Why hello there pretty lady. 


Xiumin: How may I help you princess? 


Suho: You like money?


D.O: *Takes the host club too serious* M’lady.


Chen: Hi. Welcome to the host club. I’m Chen. Represent.


Sehun: Hello peasant! Mehehe


 Chanyeol: U-um…I can explain…want some?




EXO: Welcome to the host clu- KRIS?!?!?! 

Kris: Your king has arrived.


  • Suho:We need a name for our fan club.
  • Chen:Can't we just troll our fan club name forever like f(x) did..?
  • Suho:No idiot, any ideas?
  • Chen:Bish please..
  • Baekhyun:I know, Kkaeb-
  • Sehun:Shut up.
  • Chanyeol:Hey, that's not very nice Sehun,
  • Kai:Kaisoo~~~~~~~
  • D.O:I will summon satan, Kai. </3
  • Kai:...............but everyone loves us
  • Lay:Wae not jus EXO-L
  • Suho:Genius. That is absolutely Genius
  • Chen:wtf? We gon use the guy that high on drugs's idea?
  • Xiumin:I like it. Like L for Luhan right?
  • Luhan:*all over xiumin right now*
  • Tao:L for louis vuitton, but g for gucci would be way more fab.
  • Lay:No you butts, like for layyyyyy cuz i created it
  • Chen:I hate it already.
  • Sehun:*already left the room*
  • Chen:Did you hear that?
  • Lay:Wutt
  • Chen:Kris laughing

AU - You’re a youtuber who’s quite known online, and you get into a relationship with Sehun. You like to take videos of him a lot, especially since it gives you the opportunity to tease him, and your viewers are extremely fond of his appearances in your videos (and he seems to like it too; even if he tries to act like he doesn’t). So whenever you’re with him, you take the time to give him a little cameo in a vlog of yours, making sure to mess with him a little when you can. 

Luhan ver.

Baekhyun ver.

exo hypothetical bedroom skills: minseok

standard disclaimer: this series discusses exo’s bedroom game in strictly hypothetical and theoretical terms, so while it may be based in some fact, don’t come crying to me when you finally bang one of them and it’s not exactly as I’ve written hehe~ 

the oldest. yes, -laces fingers- lets talk about kim minseok and his bedroom game because honestly his sexiness is so underrated it makes me cry tears enough to fill the pacific ocean over again. we know he’s cute, but really, he’s the hidden talent of exo, and do you honestly think someone with those guns and those hips and that much grease would be bad in bed? at 25? please.


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anonymous said:

Hey love ❤️!! Can you do a gif set about exos reaction seeing you do something really sexy without realizing witch brings them up some really pervert thoughts they never had so extreme ( perv. level Christian grey hahah) ;) thank you 💞💋

Thank you for the request!

Baekhyun: Girl, have I got some plans for you tonight~


Chanyeol: Tonight is going to be one hell of a night!


Chen: [Bluntly says what’s on his mind]


D.O.: [creepily watches you while thinking of the stuff he wants to do to you]


Kai: Babe, can you come over here for a second?


Kris: [tries to hide his arousal by acting cool]


Lay: [Can’t look away]


Luhan: [Quickly becomes turned on and wants you right away]


Sehun: [Giggles like a little school girl as he thinks of all the dirty things]


Suho: [Pondering if he should act now or later while biting his lip]


Tao: [walks over to you and smirks] I hope your not busy right now


Xiumin: [gets turned on but does everything not to show it….and fails]


-Admin A


"exo reaction when you tell them that when you met them you thought they were gay"

Xiumin: “this was because of Luhan wasn’t it?”


Luhan: “i ain’t even mad”


Kris: “was it because sometimes i tied my hair up in a bun???”


Suho: *shocked*




D.O: *chokes*


Lay: “i can prove you wrong … ” *winks*


Chanyeol: “you didin’t found my Kai posters did you?” *panicks*


Baekhyun: “you’re not serious now are you ??”


Kai: “u sure?”


Tao: *chokes*




enjoyyy :)

A/N: I dont own any of the GIFS.credit to the owners

exo hypothetical bedroom skills: jongin

standard disclaimer: this series discusses exo’s bedroom game in strictly hypothetical and theoretical terms, so while it may be based in some fact, don’t come crying to me when you finally bang one of them and it’s not exactly as I’ve written hehe~ 

o k a y  time to tackle the beast that is motherfuckin kai in bed -crosses self- i’m already so done, kai is so fucking greasy im going to slip writing this goddamn thing lmfao. but I think it’d be pretty safe to say that kai is one of the most dirty-nasty fuckers in all of exo just look at this sloot 


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EXO’s Sehun: When it’s the morning after your first time

SURPRISE. Oh, and slight warning: may contain pg-13 content? Maybe… anyways enjoy!



You began to stir in your sleep, the morning sun shining through an opening in your window curtains. Your eyes slowly opened, adjusting to the light welcoming itself in the room.

You yawned before grabbing the sheets again and covering your head. You felt yourself falling back asleep when you heard a quiet snore beside you. Wait. You sat up quickly and your eyes widened when you felt a cool breeze against your body.

What… You weren’t wearing clothes. Why weren’t you wearing clothes?! You grabbed the blankets and held them to your chest, your face burning with embarrassment.

Oh shit, you thought. It wasn’t a dream… You looked over to the left side of the bed. His light brown colored hair stuck out from the covers.

“Oh my god.” Your eyes widened as you lowered the covers slightly showing his bare shoulders. Was he shirtless?

You lowered them again, showing part of his back this time. Were those scratches? The memories starting flowing and you found yourself struggling to maintain a calm composure. So it was real… You and your best friend, the guy you’ve loved more than best friend forever… you and Oh Sehun-

"How much more of the blanket are you going to remove, _____?" 


His voice shocked you. He was awake. Oh shit. You let out a squeak and scramble off the bed quickly, grabbing the blanket to cover yourself. You attempted to run for the bathroom, but your legs were far too sore to carry you anywhere. You fell to the ground and grabbed the blanket to quickly wrap yourself with it.

You were aching everywhere especially in your lower region and you let out a whine.

"Ah, you’re that sore?" He spoke quietly before releasing a soft chuckle. Sehun ruffled his light brown hair and grinned at you. "I guess I did a good job." Your face turned a crimson color as the memories continued to play through your head, my god it was like a porno film…

"Oh Se-" You couldn’t even finish your sentence. You had looked up at the bed and found yourself closing your eyes fast, opening your mouth to scream. "Sehun!" You screamed, bringing a hand to cover your eyes. There he was… lying completely naked on your bed, completely unphased.

"Don’t act innocent. You’ve already seen it all." He simply said as he sat up and stretched. "Besides you took all the blankets with you. How am I supposed to cover up?" Sehun grinned and you found yourself rolling your eyes. He was so confident with his body.

"I-I’m not moving until you put on clothes…" You stutter as he chuckled softly.

"You can’t really walk either, so…" He said as you heard the bed squeak. Sehun swung his legs off the side of the bed and stood up before walking over to you. He crouched in front of you and tugged the blankets gently.

"No, no-" You were still so embarrassed. A naked Sehun was right in front of you… well he was lying besides you earlier, but he was right in front of you. Oh god.

"Alright, alright, _____." Sehun mumbled before reaching over and grabbing his shorts. He quickly pulled them on and looked back at you. You still had your hands covering your face and he rolled his eyes. "I wasn’t even that rough last night and you’re already this sore? Are you going to lay on that floor for the rest of the morning?"

You didn’t say anything. He suddenly bent over and reached under to scoop you into his arms.

"Wait, Sehun!" You removed your hands from your face and looked up at him. "Oh…" You looked at the purple blue mark on his neck and blushed instantly. One… Two… Three- He chuckled before placing you gently onto the bed.

"Don’t bother counting…" He said before crawling back into bed beside you, grabbing the blanket. Sehun began getting back under the covers when you said nervously…

"I’m not wearing clothes…" You chewed your lower lip, holding the sheets tight to your chest. He was staying here with you?

"I’m alright with that." He blinked innocently, but you narrowed your eyes at him. Sehun looked at you and shook his head again. He leaned over and grabbed his white shirt off the floor and threw it over to you.

"This is-"

"Sorry. I’ll buy you a new shirt just like that one, okay?" Your eyes widened before looking over at the shredded articles of clothing lying on the floor. When did that even happen? You quickly tossed the shirt over your body and sat there quietly.

You were still processing what happened last night, and you could tell he was too. The entire room was silent and you swore he could hear you swallowing; that’s how quiet it was. The atmosphere itself was also a bit… awkward.

"So you and I.. I mean we… last night.." You started to mumble quietly. "… we did it…"

"Yea." He said back. You looked over at him as he lay on his back, his hands behind his head, his eyes looking only at the ceiling. Yea? That’s it? Did this mean nothing to him then? You were starting to feel slightly disappointed, a lump growing in your throat making it hard to swallow.

You were no longer a virgin. You had given it to your best friend, Oh Sehun. To you, this was something you had been wanting for so long. Your eyes slowly met and you remembered his touch almost instantly. You remembered everything… the way his fingers danced against your skin, the way his lips felt against yours… What if this meant nothing to him?

"Sehun…" You had wanted him for so long but attempted to suppress all feelings for him. After all, how could you tell your best friend you’ve been having dreams about him? That you’ve liked him more than a friend since many years ago?

The both of you were watching a movie in your room last night. Your parents were gone for the weekend and he insisted he stayed with you… Of course you weren’t going to decline if he insisted. After all, you really enjoyed spending time with him. Even if he didn’t see you as more than a best friend, if he was hanging out with you, that meant he wasn’t potentially with any other girls. And then one thing lead to another.

It didn’t help that the movie had so many explicit scenes. You were slightly uncomfortable watching it with Sehun, but he didn’t seem to make it a big deal so you didn’t want to either. He was the one who picked the movie after all. You didn’t want him to think you were a baby, or uncomfortable with such topics since you were both considered legally an adult.

Then it was at one point where he caught you looking at him. You just wanted to see if he was as uncomfortable as you were but alas no. He just leaned in and kissed you, and once you kissed him back… Well, that’s how it started. Everything afterwards was a blur… a creaking bed, bare skin and open-mouthed pants. You lost yourself completely in him.

Was it… going to be awkward between you guys now? The atmosphere itself was awkward, but what about your friendship? Could it be salvaged? You fisted the blankets in your hands and bit your lower lip. Your mind was running wild and you weren’t sure what to even expect now. Maybe it was a mistake. Did this mean anything to him at all? Or maybe-

”______. Do you regret it?” He asked quietly, breaking the silence.

"Eh?" It took you a while to stop your own trail of thought. Did you regret giving him your virginity? No, not at all. This whole time you’ve wanted no one else but him to take it from you. You were taking too long to answer as Sehun swallowed loudly.

"I’d be lying to you if I said I’m sorry that it was me. As much as that makes me sound like an asshole.." Sehun sat up and looked you in the eyes. You felt your face starting to heat up. What did he mean? He started to scratch the back of his head; he always did that when he was nervous or embarrassed… It was just something you picked up after being friends with him for so long.

"Why?" You asked him and he sighed before reaching forward and touching the bruises on your neck. You felt electricity just from his all too familiar touch. His eyes narrowed and he shook his head.

"I’m… not sorry even though I should be."

"Don’t be sorry, Sehun… I’m not." You say honestly and his eyes widen. He blinks at you in confusion, as if he was waiting for you to say something more. "I don’t… I don’t regret it."

"You know I meant what I said last night." Sehun said quietly. "I meant every word. I don’t regret feeling this way for you. I know it’s selfish of me but-" You tilt your head and he stops talking.

"I don’t know what you’re talking about." Sehun grabbed your arm suddenly and pulled you close to him. You could probably faint in bliss right now. Your body was pressed against his bare chest and he held you close to him.

God, how many times you’ve dreamt of him embracing you…

"Y-You must’ve fallen asleep…" You could hear slight disappointment in his voice. You were so afraid at this moment he could feel your heartbeat against his. But you were genuinely confused; was this his heart beating so fast? Or was it yours? "I told you I loved you."

Your eyes widened. You must’ve heard wrong.

"You… said that?" You almost didn’t believe him.

"I won’t take it back. It’s selfish of me to put our friendship on the line." Sehun pulled you away from him and held you by your shoulders. "But I’ve loved you… for so long. I don’t want anyone else to have you. I didn’t want anyone else to take your virginity if it wasn’t me. Sorry…" Sehun confessed.

It was quiet. He let out a heavy sigh before letting go of your shoulders. He removed the blankets gently and started to get off the bed. Sehun had his legs hanging over the bed before rubbing the back of his neck.

"Aren’t you going to say something?" He asked quietly. Did you just lust for his touch? He thought, maybe you just wanted someone to touch you… Maybe you didn’t feel this way about him. Did he just ruin years of friendship with you by giving into his selfish desires?

But… you wanted it, right? You said that. He thought to himself. It wasn’t just him; you were the one who kissed him back, but perhaps he was too forceful. At that moment, he wanted nothing but to kiss you, but to get his feelings through to you. Since you never talked about any guys around him, he was almost certain you weren’t interested in anyone… except for him he had hoped.

In any case, he had no idea how he was going to apologize for ruining the friendship you two had… There was no turning back.

Just then, you reached forward and wrapped your arms around his waist. His entire body froze and you rested your head gently against his back.

"I didn’t know you felt that way towards me." He was shocked as he removed your arms and turned around to look at you. Seriousness was written all over his face.

"I wouldn’t do that with anyone except for someone I had feelings for." He said quietly. "Tell me now if I’ve ruined our friendship."


"If you don’t feel the same I understand. I mean.. We are still best friends, I just… You could just think of this as just-" He was getting all tongue tied. In fact, it killed him every time you brought up the fact that the two of you were best friends. He didn’t want you to think of what the two of you did last night as nothing… To him… It was making love. He had loved you.

"Stop talking…" You say to him quietly and leaned forward. You pressed your lips quickly against his. "I told you I didn’t regret it. I’ve always liked you more than a best friend. I thought you didn’t feel the same."

He didn’t say anything more. Sehun grabbed you tightly and held you close to him before lying down. You lay gently against his chest and listened to the quickening sound of his heartbeat.

"This is too good to be true…" Sehun sighed heavily and you found yourself smiling.

"I love you…" You say to him quietly before pulling away from his chest. You leaned against him, tracing your finger gently on his lips. "I have for a while…"

"I guess it’s been mutual then," Sehun let out a chuckle before you leaned down and captured his lips. The both of you were worried one another had been interested in other people, but failed to notice the interest you had in one another. Stupid.  You smiled against his lips and sighed happily. “Are you still hurting?”

You shook your head slightly. Being with Sehun, knowing his feelings for you made you forget about the pain. A grin spread on his face as he held your waist and rolled the both of you over so he was on top.

"Good, because I’m not going to lie, I really want you right now…"

"Again? Sehun…" You whined.

"I know you want me too, ______. It’s okay, we’ll cuddle afterwards." It was almost a deal you couldn’t turn down. He kissed you gently again.

"You’re insatiable, Oh Sehun." You say between kisses.

"You love me anyways, babe." Babe… You liked it when he called you that. Your face turned red; you still weren’t adjusted to your best friend being so… affectionate towards you. “I’ll make your second time even better than the first.”

"Sehun!" You shouted in embarrassment and he stopped where he was, chuckling again.

"Ah, that’s the only thing I regret…" You look at him questionably as he raises an eyebrow.

Should’ve had you screaming for me louder.

"Oh my god, Sehun!" You screamed and slapped his arm. He began laughing and you could feel your face burning.

"I’m just playing… You were loud enough." Before you could yell at him again for saying such things, he attacked your lips again. Sehun after pressed his lips hungrily against your neck, his fingers playing with the bottom of the shirt you had on. "Seeing you in my clothes is such a turn on, ______…" You giggled before placing your hands on his chest.

"My parents are going to kill me if they see these on my neck!" You say as Sehun chuckles and looks up at you. He presses his forehead against yours before giving you a chaste kiss.

"Don’t worry, babe. That’s what make up is for. Besides, I’ll just kiss elsewhere. I’ll give them to you in places only I’ll see." And once again, he had your face flushing with embarrassment.

Stop! You’re gross!" He pressed a light feathery kiss to your nose before chuckling at your reaction.

"Ah… But you love me anyways, don’t you?" You pouted cutely at him, knowing you couldn’t deny it.

Yeah. You loved him.



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