Ok so update on the NES I went to a flea market with my friend two days ago. And I was lucky enough to find this really old guy who was selling old game controllers and consoles (sega genesis, n64, etc) and he happened to have some NES controllers! Then, just a couple minutes later I find a guy selling a whole bunch of old games including NES cartridges! He was nice enough to give me Mario bros/duck hunt for free since he has so many. I then also bought Exitebike and Marble Madness from him. Then when we got home the NES turned out to have that red flashing light problem so we took it apart, lifted the pins on the 72 pin connector and proceeded to do that over and over and over as we ran into a whole bunch of other problems until we finally got it right. After a couple hours the games are now playable even though they do need a lot of coercing to make it happen. So yeah I guess I lucked out at that flea market!