The first inhale of mountain air, sharp and exhilarating in the lungs. The prick of the tattoo needle as it mark the skin. A dance floor filled with couple swaying to a love song like flowers in the wind. The burst of adrenaline as a foot misses a step. Tear stains upon a letter as hands shake with heartbreak. The infectious laughter of a child as a father greets her after a long day.

The best memories are those that captivate the senses and allow us reveal the moment just one last time.

My Lee Jong Suk Guangzhou Fan Meeting Fan Account


Surprisingly it was not such an exhilarating experience for me. Ok, those of you who expect a crazy exciting fan account (and those who expected details of what happened, please refer to some other fan translation), you can stop reading now.

Ever since hitoritabi told me how much she loved her experience in the TW FM in 2013, I was so looking forward to joining one. After so many problems (FM date changes, plane tickets than could not be changed, some special work problems, unable to get leave), this time I finally get to join one. You would thought I might be so excited.

I am not sure if it is partly due to all the tedious work I had to do before the FM to help some other fans to go to the FM, and all the waiting and talking during the day. Maybe I am too mentally exhausted to enjoy it, but I don’t think that is the whole story. Another point is probably because all the attention I have to photo/video. I probably need to go to Seoul FM where they banned all photography one day according to leecheahwoon. Hope we can go together, and then I may know the true reason behind this.

Some said it might be because seeing him in real person did not measure up to what I had expected. This is actually my fourth time seeing him in person. First time in HK fan sign, second time in HK No Breathing Premiere. Third time during the Pinocchio shooting. And then GZ FM. And none of the experience was as great as what I had expected. Yes, they were good, but not like what I had expected, yet I never once felt like what I did on that day.

Let me start from the beginning of the day, I got the VIP ticket which means I got a chance to do Hi 5 with Jong Suk before the FM at 2:30pm. It was held where he stayed at Pazhou Westin Hotel which is far from the city centre. We left HK early that morning to get there. We were let into the room where the press conference was held to wait for the Hi 5 session, but the Hi 5 session was held in the room next door. We were asked to line up 5 by 5 before it started, and then we were herded like cattle, there were like 300 people who got VIP tickets, I would have thought it might take 30mins at least? or even more time to finish? NO. It finished in like 10 minutes. I got like 0.5 s with Jong Suk, and then FM staff were pushing you away.

You couldn’t see him before going into the other room, and like Thailand FM, he sat cross legged in the same pink suit as in the press conference. (He looked sooooo good in it.) After I saw the speed of the Hi 5 before me, I got ready with my letter (thanks so much to emma9296 for helping me, you are the best! What a pity I didn’t get to say what you taught me to him T.T)

My right hand held onto his left hand with fingers laced with his for like 0.5 s, while my left hand passed the letter to his right hand. He looked at me during the whole time. I could see him looking at all fans sincerely during the 0.5s each of the fan had. He genuinely tried to make each fan felt his thankfulness. I felt it, and I love him so much for all the effort. Yet the whole commercial nature of this “herding-like Hi 5” made me feel really weird. (The whole room cleared out in 10 minutes, 300 people…) Other people were saying how excited they were to touch his hand, I felt nothing. (Well, maybe just the feeling that he was really doing his best, and he was really sincere. And that I was glad that I managed to pass the letter to him in 0.5s…)

Then the stupid travel back to city centre for the FM, and then waiting for the product counters to open. And all the ticket touts and pickpockets outside the FM venue (someone I know got her mobile phone stolen while waiting for the FM).

After a lot of mental struggling, I finally bought a Megaton T-shirt even though I didn’t really want it, I just thought I need a souvenir from FM. (LOL)

Then the FM finally started at 1945. There was this cute introduction recorded by Jong Suk telling everyone not to take pictures etc during the FM. Of course no one obeyed this in a China FM. The person sitting in front of me got a tripod set up for video of the whole FM and an extra camera for shooting photos. 

I thought the song would be in the beginning but it wasn’t. The first half of the FM was basically what you all saw, live interviews of Jong Suk and some video clips. The MC asked fans what they wanted him to ask JS before the FM on weibo, and fans left messages telling him not to ask embarrassing questions, prepare tissue paper for JS, etc. And the MC was really kind to Jong Suk. JS was asked to do Ki Ha Myung reporting in the FM, and he was so reluctant to do it, when the MC saw it, MC actually said to fans, “You don’t want him to do it, right?”, but fans actually replied saying they want to see it. And you can see how Jong Suk was so troubled. And not just this sort of thing, even piong piong, buing buing, I thought those would be a piece of cake for him, he does that so often. He felt so embarrassed having to do that.

And he really is a man of few words, like what everyone said. It is so hard for the MC. During the whole FM, I can totally understand what JS said about feeling he couldn’t bring the fans anything during the FM, how much he wanted to convey his thankfulness, yet he didn’t know what he could do, apart from hugging them, taking pics with them, looking at them. 

He was not really unhappy, but it made me feel like I was there to make him feel embarrassed or unpleasant. He was really cute when he was embarrassed, but all the “cute” acts, he did it because he was embarrassed, and I felt like I was part of the cause of that. I wanted to scold those people who said they wanted to see the reporting when the MC was trying to help him get out of it.

And the fan service part, well, you can see how Jong Suk looked at everyone so sincerely. And how he tried to be fair to every section and added all the chances himself by choosing the seat number himself. And the chatting/date part is a good idea if only those fans have something to ask, but everyone who got on stage only wanted to get hugs/photos, no one managed to ask him anything special.

It was interesting to see two fans who were reporters, and one 14 year old fan who said she came all the way from Heilongjang to see him on her own! (She is so tall already, not much shorter than him.)

That part where they need to act out certain scenes from the drama. This time it was already much better, I am sure JS said he didn’t want certain things to be done like what was done before like what he said in the interviews. There were less “intimate” scenes. However, this part was still the most awkward part of the whole thing…

This is not the first time I have been to a FM, first time for JS FM, but my second FM. I didn’t feel like this in the FM I went before (for another actor). I don’t know if it is only because with JS, I felt this urge to protect him or what…

I look forward to going to another FM, but maybe only Seoul FM, where they banned all photography and where he feels more at home, AND WHEN MY DEAR FRIENDS can go with me. I am not tagging you, you know who you are. I feel like I am missing half the fun without you all.

P.S. I wrote this a few days after the FM, but I thought for a long time whether I should post it publicly. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS ANYWHERE ELSE. THANKS!

'How has parkour changed your life?'

Here is my story; So like I did no sport at all until I started parkour at 14. It was just me and a few friends watching YouTube and trying it down at the beach.

Now I’ve been in news papers, won a youth award (and £1000), been on the television and currently a devoted parkour coach (since 2013). My theory was why do this if I can’t pass everything I learn on to the next generation?

I am only 19 and am determined to work towards having my own parkour facility within the next few years and getting more and more people of all ages and genders interested in what I believe to be one of the most exhilarating art forms ever created.

And, you know. I run this blog on the side of it all.

How has parkour changed your life?
His arm pulled her a little off balance, and paradoxically it steadied her at the same time. That was what Charles did to her heart, too. He knocked it off balance into what felt like the right position, a safe place that was still exciting, exhilarating,  and terrifying.
—  Patricia Briggs, Dead Heat

Tomorrow (today?) at 3:30am I embark to South Padre Island to share the gospel with those who are trying to seek fulfillment elsewhere. So many people from so many different places participate in this mission trip, beach reach

leading up to this, there has been a lot more anxiety in me than I’ve cared to let on to those around me. Social anxiety, fears about being physically/emotionally/spiritually capable. I’ve written the words “I trust you, Jesus. I trust you to provide for my every need” over & over.

but today, so many of my fears fled. My focus began to shift to the souls I will encounter & how badly I want to share such wondrous good news with them, instead of focusing on my own comforts/wants. I have no idea what to expect- and that is both scary and exhilarating. I humbly ask for prayer, for me & all those who are attending. Jesus is moving. Pray we would allow Him to move in us.

A producer out of New York named Babel quickly had me at my knees with this wicked dirty track Crazy In Love, which features Madeaux. Crazy In Love is a high energy thriller that pumps out endless bass and beats. Pitchy vocals and bubbly effervescence permeate the future bass meets house jam. It’s a heavy hitting song that will get your blood pumping in an exhilarating manner.

leaguerulesfrownupon asked:

1. You're the object of everyone's affection. 2. Do you do anything for the full moon?

Thank you darling. I did actually do a ritual last night during the full moon. It involved going out into the forest and collecting 29 objects. (In the snow and darkness I kept thinking a bear or mountain lion was going to eat me, and digging through the snow at times to find these things was very hard, as we have very deep snow here in the forest.) Anyway then bathed in moonlight in my garden I placed the objects in a circle and stated my intention/desires, I wore a long white gown and even danced for a little in the moonlight, it was very cold with the snow but also exhilarating. I think the full moon can be a very powerful thing for us beautiful creatures. <3

this is exactly what loathing looks like. do not question the man

I apologize in advance if I keep talking about this song but it amuses me to no end

Exhilarating PREVIEW! Chapter 18

The sunset was alive on her face, its harshness looking so soft on her smile. And he wondered why he had hated the sunset so much. It had felt like a final setting on the end of time, but now it seemed like a seal on a promise of hope, of future. It was vibrant and oddly peaceful, echoing the ardent violence of his heartbeat. 

She was staring out into the world, content. Her eyes were lighter with the sun on them, a shade of russet, glossy and definite like her. She closed her eyes, a sigh escaping her lips and she looked so grateful to be alive, so at peace. An envious cord resonated in his chest, his watchful eyes fixated on the way the sun kissed her skin, caressing its lover. 

And he knew then, with awed realization, that he had never seen anything as beautiful as…she.

It’s coming SOON!!