Saw this cool exhibit based on skateboarding culture and I decided to show my favorite boards and I’m hoping to get one for myself. Not really going in any order here, I’m just showing off some sick illustrations. Go to Light Grey Art Lab to check this stuff out yourself.

1. Joust by Max Mexer Fiedler 2. Staring Contest by Gino Pambianchi 3. We’re Wolf by Angela An 4. Don’t Lose Your Head by Daney Rivera 5. Babd Catha by Bridget Underwood 6. Skate Your Guts Out by Matthew Filipkowski 7. Old Dog New Tricks by Adam Tan 8. Dullahan Reaper by Jenn Liv 9. Lollipop by Boya Sun


A Show of Stevie Nicks Portraits by Stevie Nicks Opens in NYC - October

The Morrison Hotel Gallery, which specializes in music photography – not only photographs of musicians, but also photography by musicians – will present a show of self-portraits by Stevie Nicks from between 1975 and 1987. The pictures for the show were selected by Dave Stewart, the Eurythmics guitarist, who co-produced her “In Your Dreams” album.

 The show, called “24 K Gold” – also the name of Ms. Nicks’s new album (a version of which will come with a book of Ms. Nicks’s photographs) – is devoted entirely to selfies taken in the wee hours of the night, both at home and on tour, using Polaroid cameras.

New York Times

PURCHASE archival pigment prints hand-signed and numbered by Stevie Nicks from Morrison Hotel Gallery


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Suh’s fabric masterpiece is the last in his “Home” series, which explores notions of travel, home, nomadism, memory, displacement and global identity. Suh, born in Seoul, South Korea, moved to the U.S. in 1991. His “Home” series features fabric recreations of his childhood home in Korea, a house in Rhode Island where he lived as a student and his New York apartment. The first installment of the series includes Suh’s fabric recreation of his home in Providence, Rhode Island encompassing a suspended replica of his home in Seoul, a traditional Korean style house. As with his NYC apartment recreation, the transparent structures are amazingly detailed.

Suh’s NYC apartment piece is on exhibit at the Contemporary Austin until January 11, 2015.


Anyone else excited about the upcoming final season of Mad Men? It’s, like, my favourite television show ever, guys. I always think of my relative who was obsessed with Dallas and died before they found out who shot J.R., which means I have to live another 8 months or so. I think I can do it.

Anyway, the Museum of the City of New York has a new exhibition "Mac Conner: A New York Life" with more than 70 original works by the artist. Conner arrived in New York in 1950 and built a career in the city’s vibrant publishing and advertising industries with his crisp, hand-painted illustrations for women’s magazines like McCall’s, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan and more. He helped to create the image of the post-war American woman and redefine American style and culture. Conner, who is still with us at 100 years old, was a real life Mad Man, the Don Draper of his day…or actually more like Stan Rizzo, but you get the point. The exhibit, the first of its kind to celebrate the artist, includes the above images: “The Trouble With Love” (1952) from Good Housekeeping, “Killer in the Club Car” (1954) and “There’s Death for Remembrance” (1953) both from This Week, “How Do You Love Me” (1950) from Woman’s Home Companion, and “Hold On Tight” (1958) published in Redbook.


Yesterday’s on-the-spot work at Type Kita at 10a Alabama Street.

This segment was actually Tippy (of Googly Gooeys) and June Digan's Watercolor Playdate demo. Everyone was free to join in, just bring in your art materials so I brought my stuff that day. I actually thought a lot of people would join in but only me and Richelle ended up joining in.

I did 6 doodles, 5-10 minutes each and raffled them off to random people (ex. person wearing a backpack, person whose name starts with Z, etc.) I’m not really a type artist or letterer. The only lettering I did was to write down the raffle winner’s name in watercolor after I was finished with the work. Unfortunately I can’t remember all the names I wrote so if you got my work, please message me your name and email so I can keep track. :)

It was a great experience. It’s my first time painting in public and the first quarter of the segment was nerve wracking and afterwards I just got really tired. Haha… I couldn’t do it using my usual style so I just did this simplified version that I use for drawing my thumbnails/drafts. It’s refreshing to draw quick and it’s nice to be reminded not to be attached to your work.

Thanks super to Tippy and June for having me around and also to the organizers of Type Kita for coming up with an awesome event!