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What are some Canucks blogs URLS? I can't find any!! D:

Oh gosh, there are so many. Here are the ones that show up on my dash most often.

Hope this helps!

So, um, hi?

Okay, so you’re right. It wasn’t Schneider’s fault. I believe you. I was on a bit of a rage because I thought he shouldn’t have dropped to his knees, but you’re right, thinking back on it, it wasn’t his fault. I even deleted the “Stupid Schneider” comment, and I apologize.

But are you serious?

To tell me that I’m not a fan? You have got to be kidding me. I sat there just like the rest of you last year watching as my team lose and as Vancouver get destroyed. Then to call me a “bandwagoner”? I saw shame on you.

 I am a human being and I am entitled to my own opinion. My uncle (who was a goalie) growing up) was told to never drop to his knees, so I believe that too for goalies. And that’s what Schneider did.

So, don’t go around hating on me or anything because I’m a hockey fan and I love hockey and all the good things in life and I’m a true Canadian and blah blah blah. But I also live in a free country where my opinion matters.

I know people who live in BC that were happy when Boston won last year, wanna go tell them that they’re not real fans? Go ‘head.

So seriously, don’t ever come talk to me about anything unless you are going to be respectful and treat me like a person.

But there. You’re right. Schneider was not at fault, it was a fantastic goal, I’ll say that. And maybe I don’t buy hockey jerseys or make it my life goal to watch every game, but you’re right. I’m just going to say that.

Happy now?