This week came with some sad news that our good friends at Team Exergy won’t be around for 2013. They were the main characters of our Manual for Speed project. They were our subjects but also our friends. The suddenness of their disappearance is a testament to the fragility of cycling, as a sport. This is the very reason we chose to document a team such as Exergy. Emotionally, physically, or, as in this case, financially, everything could fall apart and shatter at any moment. 

If you haven’t, please check out the project out of respect for these guys’ dedication and singular focus. It’s rare to find people so driven to push themselves so far and sacrifice so much for a singular goal. Speed. 

Manual for Speed

**So much respect and appreciation to each member of the Team. 

Quinn Keogh is a professional cyclist and a lover.

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Manual for Speed is collection of photo essays, videos, narratives, interviews and anecdotes, all of which, either directly or indirectly, illustrate the pursuit of speed. It is not a technical manual or training resource. It is not a report of last week’s results. This is an intimate, insightful and studied look at speed. Viewed from as many perspectives as possible, this project is a humanistic and episodic look at what professional cyclists do and endure to go as fast as they possibly can.