Tegin uue 10 minutilise jalalihaste treeningu, mida ma hetkel ka heviaeroobikas teen! 

Kui sa tõesti kavatsed seda trenni teha, siis pane postitusele ‘süda’- mõtlen, et äkki peaksin treeningvideote tegemise ära lõpetama….endal nii imelik vaadata.

Art Tips 4/18
  • If you get everything in just the right places and proportions, you literally do not have to do anything else.
  • Practice guessing distances in figure drawing. Draw the knee or the ankle without drawing a line from the hip. The rhythms of the body will guide you.
  • Just because another artist’s style is impressive, you’re short-changing yourself by merely copying.  Understand the technique and approach and then synthesize your own; your personal aesthetic will thank you.
  • Always ask yourself if you are going after likeness or character when using references.
  • A little saturated color goes a long way and is sometimes the key component.
  • Memory drawing exercise: watch three poses for 30 seconds each then take one minute to draw their gestures the best you can without looking. Works with figures and anything else.
  • Look, FEEL, draw.

Including #BodyWeight #Exercises in my #Gym #Workout.

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Restore your vision with centuries-old techniques? Why not?

Do Yoga Eye Exercises:

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Thoughts about OMM-Females

Now they showed a demonstration of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and it was mostly guys. I saw that they used a lot of strength at times to correct the persons posture or chest..etc. And the volunteers were big guys. So I can see why, especially when the volunteers had to push against the person doing the manipulation. It got me thinking as I looked around the room. The women in this room are pretty small and don’t look like they have a lot of strength to deal with a person that size of the volunteer (I think he was 6'3. He was definitely above 6'1" and muscular). Now of course there are strong women and I’m definitely not saying “oh women can’t do OMM” because that’s not NOT TRUE AT ALL!
What I’m trying to figure out is what exercises or preparations can women do to be competitive with their males classmates. Because I’m super small and don’t want to be looked down just because I don’t appear to be strong and to some “old fashion” classmates can’t handle a big guy that’s probably stronger than me. I want preparation tips to be a better umm.. manipulator?
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Something is wrong with my tumblr and won’t let me tag more people. But if you are a female in an osteopathic school. Please feel free to respond.


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