Thigh fat

I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest problems is my thigh fat. Also, I just didn’t know how to lose it without building muscles, but thanks to Ki Wi (Jessie Liu) I understood everything.

Tip 1 : The exercises need to be slow. Do not rush.

Tip 2 : Do not make exercises after eating lots of protein. If you don’t know how much is “much”, wait 1~2h to do exercises.

Ok! Now, the exercises ! Do these 3~4 times a day.

1.  Side lying leg raises x20 each leg

2. Side leg circles x15 each leg

3. Bridge raises x20

4. Fire hydrant leg raises x20 each

5. Invisible chair 50~60 sec

Make sure you’re creating a 90º and BREATH. Use a timer to count it but also count in your head. 

6.  x15. I don’t know the name of this one but it’s just like side lying leg raises, but you’ll bend and hold the leg that you’d raise, this knee will be touching the ground, and the leg under this one is the one you’ll raise.

7. (For waist) x15 each side. Elbow touching the ground. Toes touching the ground and legs are parallel to your shoulders.  Make sure your body is straight and not touching the ground. Stay in this position and swing from the right to the left almost like this : 

But in the ground, duh. 

If you have any difficulty see her videos c:



Start lying faceup on the floor with the bottoms of your feet touching and your knees bent and dropped to the side in a “butterfly” position. Extend your arms overhead so they are resting on the floor. Swing your arms up and forward in an arc over and past your head, using the momentum to raise your shoulders and torso off the floor. Keeping your back straight and your elbows extended, touch your toes with your fingertips. Keeping your elbows extended, reverse the motion as you lower your torso and shoulders back to the floor.

Start in a facedown position, propped up on your elbows, with your elbows aligned directly beneath your shoulders and your forearms resting on the floor. Your knees should be fully extended and your toes on the floor. Squeeze your glutes, draw your belly button in toward your spine and raise your hips approximately one foot above the floor. Your body should be rigid and elevated from heels to shoulders. Hold the position as long as you can. Lower hips to the ground when you need to rest.

Start lying faceup on the floor, holding your legs in the air perpendicular to the floor, your legs straight, and your arms extended outward like wings resting on the floor. Keeping your shoulders and arms anchored to the floor and your legs together, swing your legs over to your left side. Touch your left foot to the floor to mark a complete repetition. Keeping your shoulders and arms anchored to the floor and your legs together, bring your legs 180 degrees over to your right side. Touch your right foot to the floor to mark another repetition. Return your legs to the starting position.

Start lying faceup on the floor with your arms extended overhead, hands and heels touching the floor. In one movement, draw your knees up toward your chest and your elbows down toward your hips, crunching upward with your torso so your buttocks and shoulders lift off the floor. Touch your elbows to your knees. Extend your legs all the way back downward and your arms all the way back overhead. Touch your heels and the backs of your hands to the floor, returning to the starting position.

How to Observe a Train of Anxious Thoughts (Illustrated)

Research shows us that anxious thoughts are often blown out of proportion, skewed, or just plain wrong. Nonetheless, thoughts have power. Why? Because thoughts influence feelings and behaviors.

A simple thought passing through your mind can cause you to feel scared, worried, or sad; it can cause you to sulk, withdraw, or act out. Here’s this point illustrated another way:

Thoughts → Feelings → Behavior

“No one likes me.” → Sadness and embarrassment → Skipping school

Anxious thoughts can also become habitual and tip the mind into a downward spiral of negativity.

So, what if we could teach ourselves to take some of that power back? What if we could teach ourselves to pick and choose which thoughts we “listen” or react to? We can. The first step in this process is the focus of this 3 step exercise on thought observation.

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darkglamourr asked:

What exercises do you recommend for someone who isn't a beginner but wants bigger muscular legs?

A workout of heavy compound exercises.

Keep it simple:

  • Squats
  • Front squats
  • Hack squats
  • Lunges
  • Leg Press

That’s what build the most muscle mass. Then you can add some isolation exercises in order to add details to your muscles.

Check our workout routines: